Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pedophiles on Oprah

The late-night rerun of Oprah just started and they're doing a show about pedophile predators and the porn they trade exploiting children as young has newborns. The audience, probably hoping to win a free car or see a movie star, is sitting in shocked horror. She read from an actual how-to brochure and showed a video pedophiles pass around to train kids (thru desensitization) how to "perform".

They also showed various law enforcement and child protection groups in the opener and I can't imagine the mental stress of working their gigs. Even with on-site psychologists, I couldn't do it - I just couldn't. I would be out the door, looking to lay some lethal vigilante justice upon these monsters, and if I couldn't, I'd go crazy from the helplessness.

I partially drafted but never posted a piece a few months back about how some moralistic scolds flip out over ADULT porn and act as if people are totally addicted to it, but hearing one of these hunters talk about pedophiles making bail and picking up a new PC on the way home so they can get their next fix of kiddie porn - they're pretty much addicted - and it makes one pause. I fell the same way with drug decriminalization: if people want to screw up their lives, whatever; but meth is so crazy, it makes me want to keep that off-limits.

Just because I like my voting-age consensual perversion doesn't me there aren't a ton of very sick puppies out their who prey on the helpless and need a quick express trip to hell, do not pass go, do not collect $200, do not go to jail. The recidivism rate for pedophiles is unacceptably high because if even one pervert hurts another child, it's one too many. I went looking for stats and Google gave me a scary amount of articles arguing that recidivism fears are overblown and not too many pedos slip and harm again. As I said: One is one too many!

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