Friday, September 05, 2008

Joe Biden Repeatedly Slanders A Dead Man

Malkin has a story about how Obama's lead disciple, who's wife and daughter were killed in a traffic accident right before he took office, has characterized the other driver as having been drunk when there is no evidence that alcohol was involved.

While the national media is busy creating scandal out of the fact that Sarah Palin went to numerous non-Ivy League schools (yes, seriously), the Delaware News Journal has a devastating and disturbing piece on how Joe Biden has repeatedly slandered the man involved in the car crash that killed Biden’s first wife and daughter.

In several public statements over the years, Biden has insinuated that the man who caused the 1972 crash was drunk. The man cannot defend himself. He passed away in 1999. His family grieves.

But hey, who cares about Biden’s lies? Time to slander Gov. Palin and her family some more!

The Treason Media dug up the Moose-Slayer hubby's pre-wedlock DUI to smear her with, but it's almost certain that no one will be reporting anything that could damage, even indirectly, the Anointed Messiah.

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