Monday, March 07, 2005

When's the "Lebanese Hottie Swimsuit Issue" coming out?

As noted at Instapundit and many other red-blooded sites of the blogosphere, there's a distinct look to the pro-democracy protesters:

...whereas the pro-dictatorship side looks like this:

Ick. These brutal thugs are the ones wishing to keep women down - in the name of Allah, mind you, not any sexist pig sense, nonono - and you can probably look forward to seeing them blowing themselves into red mush in a car-bombing to be determined.

In the meantime, Logical Meme is mentioning that Newsweek's cover article and inside commentary that's sure to enrage the moonbat Left, because it's getting clearer and clearer that despite the messy journey, the results are definitely worthwhile:

“Across New York, Los Angeles and Chicago—and probably Europe and Asia as well—people are nervously asking themselves a question: "Could he possibly have been right?" The short answer is yes. Whether or not Bush deserves credit for everything that is happening in the Middle East, he has been fundamentally right about some big things.”

Bush never accepted the view that Islamic terrorism had its roots in religion or culture or the Arab-Israeli conflict. [The last thesis is one that many on the Left still uphold – ed]. Instead he veered toward the analysis that the region was breeding terror because it had developed deep dysfunctions caused by decades of repression and an almost total lack of political, economic and social modernization. The Arab world, in this analysis, was almost unique in that over the past three decades it had become increasingly unfree, even as the rest of the world was opening up. His solution, therefore, was to push for reform in these lands."

What's funny is that while Dubya seeks to spread liberty in the Middle East, he's not paying attention to the totalitarian things going on in South America and how the Democrats are ferociously making a last stand for their fascist schemes for America. Yeesh.

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