Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Blogs trump MSM for accuracy! Again!

Andrew Sullivan tears apart Richard Cohen's February scare pieceabout a new form of "super AIDS" that allegedly has popped up in NYC. Despite repeated requests for supporting evidence, he's received nothing. Here's the beginning and end of his post (be sure to read all the stuff in between, mmmkay?):

Here's a little tale that should help correct some people's impressions that the blogosphere is somehow less reliable than the "mainstream media." On February 17, Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen wrote a very tough column on the notion of an allegedly new, virulent strain of HIV in New York City. He made several factual claims that I know no solid evidence for. So I emailed him asking him for supporting data.

But this column is built on factual sand. In the blogosphere, it would have been buried by now. In the MSM, it lives on, uncorrected and untrue.

And the MSM wonders why they're losing their audiences in droves?

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