Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Lying Liars Talk It, But Won't Walk It!

Hoystory.com is calling attention to disingenuous NYTimes liar Paul Krugman's promise - and we all know how much a liberal's word is worth - to offer his plan to save SocSec, only to weasel out. (Duh.)

Too shame the shameless, they've created this banner:

As they explain:

I will change the numbers automatically every Tuesday and Saturday until Krugman outlines anything resembling a plan. I'll pull down the banners even if all Krugman says is along the lines of: Double the payroll tax, increase the retirement age to 80 and charge a poll tax on Republicans.

Krugman has had a free ride for the past couple of months. He criticizes everything.

Where do you stand Paul? What's the solution? What's your plan?

Enlighten us.

I hope they aren't holding their breath. At one forum, I've been waiting since THE ELECTION for one of these Can'tMoveOn.Argh! types who continue to promulgate the myth to explain under what circumstances they would've accepted Dubya's re-election. If 500 votes in Florida in '00 and 180K in Ohio in '04 and the Left's flip-flops over whether the Electoral College or the popular vote should determine the winner aren't good enough, what would be? Since ANY result other than a Democrat winning is unacceptable, they simply refuse to answer the question.

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