Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Trustfunder Left

Not to be confused with "Trustafarians" - the trust fund kids who can follow their fave hippie bands around instead of worrying about supporting themselves - Michael Barone has spotted a group of Lefties who further put the lie to the Big Lie of the Left which is that non-liberals are evil, greedy trust fund weasels themselves.

Who are the trustfunders? People with enough money not to have to work for a living, or not to have to work very hard. People who can live more or less wherever they want. The "nomadic affluent," as demographic analyst Joel Kotkin calls them.

These people tend to be very liberal politically. Aware that they have done nothing to earn their money, they feel a certain sense of guilt. At the elite private or public high schools they attend, and even more at their colleges and universities, they are propagandized about the evils of capitalism and globalization, and the virtues of environmentalism and pacifism. Patriotism is equated with Hiterlism.

Their loyalties, as Samuel Huntington explains in "Who Are We?," are not national, but transnational -- they are citizens of the world with contempt for those who feel chills up their spines when they hear "The Star Spangled Banner." They are taught to have contempt for the economic contribution they make to their country as investors and to feel guilty if they make no other contribution. Their penance is that they must vote left.

By all means, READ IT ALL and keep it in mind when the wealthy elites of the Left try to sell you the chains of your own slavery under the guise of "soaking the rich". (Hint: They've got so much money, they'll never be poor.)

(Hat tip: Instapundit)

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