Thursday, March 24, 2005

Equal Time For Opposing Viewpoints

Instapundit has a slew of bits here from sources arguing that the doctor whose affidavit was linked to below might not be a Big Deal after all and is in foul odor for not supporting stem cell research - another totem of the adherents of the Culture of Death and their utter disregard for life that they wish to exploit or extinguish.

Yesterday, there was another public challenge to Ms. Schiavo's well-established diagnosis: Florida governor Jeb Bush announced that a "very renowned neurologist," Dr. William Cheshire, had concluded that Terri had been misdiagnosed and that she was really only in a state of "minimal consciousness" rather than a persistent vegetative state. He used this "new diagnosis" to argue that "this new information raises serious concerns and warrants immediate action."

As it turns out, Dr. Cheshire is not "renowned" as a neurologist -- his limited publications focus on areas including headache pain and his opposition to stem cell research. Dr. Cheshire never conducted a physical examination of Ms. Schiavo, nor did he do neurological tests. . . . Let's call tripe when tripe is served.

Instapundit also didn't like Peggy Noonan's piece as being "over-the-top" and thinks she's succumbing to the hysteria that's sweeping both sides. Certainly has been a lot of that going around and I'm not excluding myself from scrutiny. I'm just really annoyed when liberals hypocritically pretend that they don't want government in our lives when that's the whole point of being a liberal: To rule those you consider beneath you in stature and intelligence.

He also has this note:

UPDATE: Reader Jean Tuttle emails: "Mr. Reynolds, I worked as a nurse in ICUs and ERs. I have no idea what kind of brain damage Mrs. Schiavo has ,but I find it hard to believe her EEG is flat.The patients I saw with flat EEGs couldn't breathe on their own, couldn't move or make any sound. As I said before I don't have any idea the amount of brain damage Mrs. Schiavo has, but I would bet the EEG isn"t flat. I think there is so much disinformation coming out of both sides of this ,that it is impossible to know what the facts are."

That last part is certainly true.

When Terri passes - wouldn't it be great if we wake up Easter Sunday to the news that she's dead, just like the Easter in which a machine gun toting INS agent was snatching Elian Gonzales to deliver into Communist subjugation? - there will be few things certain, but these:

1. The Right will mourn their helplessness.

B. The Left will celebrate their revenge against the "Jesus freaks" and the chipping away of the value of life.

3. The Starver will no longer be cheating on his wife, since he'll have succeeded in snuffing her and...

4. Terri will be dead.

A not very holy Holy Week, is it? :(

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