Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Lookee here - ANOTHER Mysterious Memo!

A phrase I frequently use (ganked from George Will) to describe people who aren't grasping concepts very well is "their learning curve isn't curving". The latest example of the MSM tripping all over themselves (and reality) in their jihad against Republicans is the widespread coverage of an alleged "talking points memo" which supposedly reveals the cynical politics at work with regards to the slow-motion murder of Terri Schiavo.

Where they aren't curving is in failing to take the lessons of Dan Rather et al and not properly verifying the document and stonewalling and demanding that we simply take their word for it - just like when The Starver says Terry told him she wanted to be killed in as slow and painful a manner possible - when the Blogosphere started tearing it apart for obvious problems.

First off is Power Line's coverage which has comments from current staffers who shred the authenticity of the memos for their inaccurate language (sound familiar?) and how the WaPo's author is using the "trust me" defense. They sum up with:

The memo itself contains no clue as to its origins. That in itself is suspicious; the memo's contents are hardly appropriate for an anonymous communication. The fact that the memo appeared in Senators' offices (or, for that matter, at ABC News) proves nothing, as anyone, including a Democratic dirty trickster, could have distributed it. Mike Allen of the Washington Post says he knows something he can't tell us, but his only argument for why the memo is authentic--some Senators had it--is silly. Further, the content of the memo is highly suspicious. Why would anyone mix political strategy points--the ones the Democrats want to talk about--with talking points for Senatorial argument? A competent staffer preparing a talking points memo wouldn't do that, but a Democratic dirty trickster would.

Does this prove the memo is a fraud? Not at all. It is possible that somewhere in the House or Senate there is a Republican staffer dumb enough to have produced and circulated it. The question, though, is: what is the evidence that the memo is genuine? At this point, there is none. And, with all due respect to Mike Allen, "trust me" is no longer adequate proof.

After reading all of that, go to Fishkite and read their timeline which lays out the sequence of events and the suspicions that are being raised.

Short form: It's looking like another fake that the MSM is more than willing to spread to damage the GOP and all non-liberals for daring to meddle in their spread of their Culture of Death which is taking a giant step with the murder of Terri Schiavo.

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