Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Dan Rather blows smoke up his own ass! Film at 11!!!

Saw at The Corner that Danno is proclaiming himself the Gerbil King, OK, maybe not....but he IS acting like a fallen soldier in the war between the Fourth Estate and Reality:

Asked why he has long been target of conservative critics complaining about a liberal bias in the media, Rather says: ''I am independent and fiercely independent. It's the role of movements and partisan political organizations to apply the pressure and to try and intimidate. It is the job of the journalist in a free society to say 'no.' . . . I haven't stopped trying."

Could it be that you're a lying sack of manure, Dan?!?

Rather's big concern? ''That the American press as a whole will succumb to the undertow to be more docile, in some cases obsequious . . . to move in the middle, settle for mediocrity -- one, in exchange for access, and two, out of fear that you'd be called a bad name, unpatriotic, or radical right or liberal. What I'm talking about here is the increasing danger of being intimidated."

You see this a lot: [i]Boohoo! We're being mistreated by those Jesus freaks and Halliburton! Boohoo!"[/i]

Spare me. The reason the MSM is on the skids is because alternate media has revealed the open pattern of lies and deceit under which they operate and rather (no pun) than admit that they're fellow travellers of the Left, they act all innocent and persecuted and act as if asking questions is getting them unfairly tagged as "unpatriotic".

Duh. It's the fact that you guys are actively seeking to overthrow freedom-based countries like America and constantly smooching the butts of every fascist tyrant you can find from Putin to Castro to Kim to Moore and Dean that rightfully earns you the tag of unpatriotic.

There's nothing wrong with asking questions, Dan. The problem is with telling lies. You got caught, so STFU and scram and get a job with Can'tMoveOn.Argh!!!

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