Friday, March 18, 2005

The Slow-Motion Murder of Terri Schiavo: Day One

So, they've pulled her feeding tube and started the circus of her murder in slow-motion. People are already choosing up sides and I've already gotten into an argument with the girlfriend as she believes that, well, that it's better to be dead than incapacitated and that we should assume that she wants to be dead. Debating about running a personal ad. Stay tuned...

Back on topic: Listening to Sean Hannity's show, he had a woman (didn't catch her name) who had had a stroke, was in a coma on a feeding tube and WAS AWARE OF EVERY MOMENT OF HER ORDEAL!!! Her husband, unlike Terri's, fought the hospital to force them to treat her and they regarded him as a nutty Jesus freak.

Well, she certainly sounded chipper and well, which is a definite benefit of not being married to cowardly murderer. Another lucky woman is Sarah Scantlin, who spent TWENTY YEARS in a vegatative state after being hit by a car in 1984 who is now speaking and regained her memory. Good thing she wasn't married to this asstackler.

Hannity also played a clip of Mr. Schiavo's lawyer howling that Hillary Clinton and other Dems were aborgating their duty by not standing up for the murder of Terri. Amazing! He actually used the phrase "let Terri in peace" which certainly sounds soothing to fools like my (soon to be ex?) girlfriend except according to the which lists and explains the treatment plan for Terri's death, including the applications of lotions, creams and salves to mask the dehydrating effects on her skin.

Read it all, but here's the punchline:

I would observe, in conclusion, that most of the "treatments" described in this Exit Protocol are in fact not directed at easing the patient's true condition, but in masking the symptoms of dying by starvation and dehydration. These treatments are designed to create the appearance of a peaceful "slipping away", when nothing of the sort is happening. The medications hide the fact that the patient undergoes a lengthy and painful deterioration, in which his/her body wastes away cruelly. Remember this the next time you hear or read someone say that Terri should be "allowed" to die.

This is a Rubicon for our society.

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