Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wednesday Morning Coffee

Man, after last night's fun post - which didn't leave me depressed in its wake - it sucks to have to return to the jihad news, but this is the world we live in and will likely die in as long as feckless failures like Team Dubya bungle their Job One: Protecting the people! Let's get it over with...

"IF THE ISLAMOFASCISTS HAD HAD THEIR WAY... we’d be waking up this morning to the horrific news of 10 exploded jets and thousands of murdered Americans." - Jack Fowler @ The Corner. How many on the Left are just as angry as we are relieved?

• JIHAD IS LEGAL IN YEMEN: That's what appears to be the case as the Religion of Peace's (or is that "pieces"?) lovely Sharia Law allows for according to this WSJ story. The irony is that this Yemenese judge has a record of supporting the War Against Islamofascism, unlike the U.S. Supreme Court, who ignore our Constitution and look to suicidal liberal opinion in Europe for guidance. So, if jihad is legal in Yemen and it's OK to kill Americans, when are Moby, Sean Penn and Alec Baldwin moving there to fight with their brothers in cause?

• NARAL'S FAVORITE JIHADIS: Since we know that abortion is the Holy Sacrament of the Church of the Left and every live birth is a kick in the shins of their jihad to destroy the mythical patriarchal order; the pro-abortion forces must have taken some solace in knowing that at least one baby was going to be used to kill Americans. Dead baby + dead Americans = Win-Win for the Left! Yay!

• BILL BENNETT CALLS A SHOVEL A SHOVEL: Yesterday, I was greatly annoyed on the morning drive to hear Bennett wasting time on soliciting suggestions from the audience for the name of his new dog. WTF?!?!? Sadly, this was because the listeners were more interested in that than what was going on with the Israeli sellout. Dog owners are morons. Seriously, they are as lame as their stupid dogs. I was able to learn the identity of a rabid anti-Dubya whack job who stalked me on one message board, before he decided to acknowledge his howling moonbattery publicly, when he was so dumb as to post a picture of his retarded dog that revealed his identity to anyone who looked at the properties to see the source server's URL.

But I digress...Bennett today makes up for things with this sobering post on The Corner about the Israelis loss to Hezbollah and how Team Dubya's Black Knight/Baghdad Bob strategy of calling this surrender and the unacceptable status quo a victory.

—It was said of Churchill that his greatness laid in seeing things how they really were, seeing things in their misery and seeing things in their greatness. The task is the same for us, or should be.

—Today, Condi Rice has an op-ed in the Washington Post claiming the U.N. resolution on Israel and Lebanon a success, writing among other things that the cease fire brokered, “a truly effective cease-fire, requires a decisive change from the status quo.” She claims Hezbollah has earned “the blame of the world for causing the war.”

—Someone at State forgot to give Hezbollah, Iran, and Syria the talking points.

—The status quo is changed alright, Israel is made weak, is made to look weak and Hezbollah has—far from any blame—new respect on the Muslim street. And the headline in the WAPO today is “Hezbollah balks at withdrawal from the South.”


—If Israel has more victories like this, there will be no Israel. We need to be clear on this. Not because we like it, far from it, but because we hate it.
Read it all and keep it in mind when you hear Team Dubya lying about their latest failure. (Losers. Gonna get us all killed. May as well vote for the Dems - they've never promised anything but surrender up front.)

Yeesh. I'd rather write about Morgan Webb than this stuff. This is why we MUST defeat the jihadis!!! So we can live in peace and have more discussion of frivolous things like I covered in the next post down.


Dirk Belligerent said...

I can't remember and it's irrelevant. I don't think it was, though.

Dirk Belligerent said...

Sure, but even though this asstackler no longer hides his true identity behind a cyber-personna (you can read his profile) and he is the "Patient Zero" for Bush Derangement Syndrome sufferers in my mind AND he's had absolutely zero respect for the privacy of anyone not goosestepping to his drumbeat of hate, I refuse to sink to his level.