Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Giving Mac (L)users The Digg!

Fanatical Mac users are pitiful. End of discussion.

Oh, you want more? OK, first look at the thread referenced on this Digg thread, "First Mac Pro Unpacking Pictures". Then do a search for my nose-honking posts (ID :DirkBelig) and the hysterical reactions of the blind Apple Kool-Aid guzzlers as they try to bury my comments and gouge their eyes out to avoid ever seeing my truths again.

At this posting, I'm at -107 diggs while it has 1039 diggs, meaning 1 in 10 Apple hacks is taking the time to bury me while expressing their blind love. Funny stuff.

1 comment:

chooktah said...

"Play some Dashboard Confessional to soothe the hurt away."

holy crap! that is some funny fkn sh!t - "LOL" doesn't even scratch the surface..

you mentioned you're writing and may be editing a mag sometime in the future. any chance of you providing any links or someway I can get a hold of some of your material? - been reading your stuff on the VR for years now and would love to check out something of a more "commisioned" type