Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday Bedtime Stories (Sweet Dreams!)

Man, Jay Leno sucks, doesn't he? You think a comedian would notice that his audience barely laughs at his unfair potshots at Dubya and switch directions, but since the unctuous suckup needs to get the A-list guests on his show and that means toeing the anti-Dubya line, he keeps flailing away. OTOH, Letterman constantly shows clips of Dubya slaughtering the language, etc. and those invariably geta big laugh. From me! Why? Because they're true and all good humor has an element of truth to it. Leno's jokes are based on tired myths and thus are unfunny.

Anyhoo, this is just a quick recap of a great streak of stories that ran over at Michelle Malkin's place. Rather than bother trying to condense them here, just hit the links and read on from there.

First up are the missing Egyptian "students". Look at this collage:

This comes from some web site with contacts inside the FBI, but the FBI apparently hasn't felt the need to provide these shots to the public to illustrate who they're allegedly looking for. Nice war on terror you're running there, Dubya!

Next are the "Dearbornistan" terror suspects who were selling hundreds of disposable cell phones in a hotbed of Hezbollah support. It's fun working in a city where the jihadists probably have a serious cell presence, but the local law and pols don't care to look into the mosques to see what's up. Political correctness = Death.

Of course, the big story today was the UK bomb plot. The unhinged moonbats have announced that this is all Dubya's fault and this "plot" is just a Karl Rove scam to distract from Joe Lieberman's defeat. Yeah, they're idiots, but what else is new. The one funny - because it was true - joke Leno had tonight had him saying that the Brits were able to locate the terrorists "by using surveilance methods not yet revealed by the New York Times."

Air travel is in a total shambles and "Primetime Live" was doing a special report about this and showing them making people take off their shoes. When my g/f Hermione and I flew to NYC in Oct. 2002, they left my Nikes alone, but made her take her boots off. She's about as pale as you can get without crossing into transparency and has a crucifix among her necklaces, yet politically correct security protocols demanded that she be screened while, oh, I dunno, MUSLIMS!!!! can't be scrutinized because that would be "racial profiling" and thus bad.

When a society is so emasculated as to be unwilling to look at those groups who have a record of being a threat for fear of hurting people's feelings, it can't survive.

Anyone here old enough to remember the concern about whether a Catholic President would be loyal to America or Rome? When's the last time you've heard Muslims patriotism questioned? (Or a Democrats?) Take a gander at this chart included in this post:

It's not racist to look at this and get worried, but the White Guilt that has been pounded into everyone in order to cow people into subjugating themselves to suicidal ideas makes people ignore what they know to be true. People can't live too long with that sort of noise drowning out reason, either.

Finally, here's another Hot Air video about the Treason Media's use of "Fauxtography" to spread Hezbollah's propaganda as news in order to convince the West that they are evil and the terrorists the victims.

One question: Where can I get that panda shirt she's wearing? Hermione would love it! Please post a link in comments if you know. Thanks!

Sweet dreams.......provided you can sleep after reading how at risk we are.

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Anonymous said...

Remember, not every Muslim is a terrorist but every terrorist captured or arrested has been a Muslim.

Don't point this logic out to liberals, though, it might be a too heavy for them to digest.