Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday Morning Coffee

Lots afoot and more surely to come, so let's get at it!

STUCK ON STUPID, LIVING IN THE PAST: About a half-dozen posts down is an item about Joe Lieberman's web site crashing on primary day. His campaign accused the Lamont campaign and supporters of hacking the site. I posted the story as it ran at a newspaper's site and went on to more pressing issues. The comments started coming in that the real problem was Lieberman's campaign chintzing out on their web hosting, but no supporting evidence (i.e. links) was provided. As usual, the Left was using Dan Rather's "cuz I said so" tactics instead of being from Missouri about it.

Last night, I had a spare moment to Google what they were yammering about and updated the post with the info they wouldn't provide: that head nutroot Kos was the source of this rebuttal. Now, with the Left's record of violence and dissent-squelching tactics - including DDoS attacks on conservative sites, vandalism and death threats - the suspicion that Lieberman was hacked wasn't a baseless one. From throwing Oreos at black Republicans to running photos of Lieberman made up in blackface...

...something that was also done to the black Republican in Maryland - racist images attacking non-liberals are standard practice from the Left because they don't believe that their ideological enemies are entitled to speech rights, personal safety or any modicum of respect.

The reason I mention this old and dead topic is because I'm still getting comment submissions - well after I declared the subject cold and old - from people still trying to float the "cheap hosting" line and proclaiming their superiority because the liberal sites looked into the issue, as they did. But what's illustrative is how backwards-looking the Left is. They have no saleable vision for the future; they have no ideas that anyone interested in survival would buy into; they can't stop picking the scabs of the past even when their grievances have been thoroughly debunked, discredited and destroyed.

Dubya was elected in 2000, yet almost six years later, the Left is STILL trying to overturn that Election as they always do when they find their Divine Right to rule challenged. They are still trying to overturn the 2004 Election based on hysterical nonsense about exit polls being an exact science - if polls were accurate, why didn't Lamont win by 15%? Five years after 9/11, there is good business in picking up "Loose Change" because in the rotted, deranged minds of the Left, there are no enemies but America and conservatives/libertarians and rather than open their eyes to the people who want them dead or enslaved, they hallucinate ludicrous fantasias of evil doings from the same "cabal" that they say are too stupid for the world's good. (Pick one, kiddies!)

The Left is all about the past and picking old scabs. The readers complain that I didn't investigate the story further, but hope no one notices that they aren't attacking the Treason Media, but those who merely quoted the Treason Media. This is a key distinction that should be noted by those who still rank the Old Media above the unruly pajama-clad rabble in the Blogosphere: It's my fault that I didn't fact-check the MSM story, despite having no evidence that it was incorrect because these ankle-biting trolls couldn't bother posting a source for me to look at. They aren't attacking the newspaper; they're attacking people who linked to the newspaper.

Also notice that thet don't seem to have the same curiosity or tenaciousness when it comes to Al Reuters diseminating staged Hezbollah propaganda photos and other "fauxtography". Nope, they're stuck on stupid and living in the past. A half-dozen stories have posted here in the meantime and they haven't said a peep about them, preferring to try and Gulliver me into battling on a long dead issue of little significance and no future value. Fine, Joe's a cheap-ass who blames others for his failings. How many lives does proving that save, Kossacks?

The difference between me and the Left is ironic: If the world operated according to my values, insane, unhinged, hate-and-rage-filled psychotic moonbats such as them would be alive to rant and rave, but if they were to be in control, they would usher in the End of Western Civilization and collaborate in genocide against anyone not mouthing their shibboleths until the moment that the sword of Islam separates their empty heads from their bodies. Funny how that works, innit? I'm working harder to keep these loonies alive than they are willing to do for themselves. Where's the gratitude?

Now for some lighter stuff...

COLIN FERRELL CAUSES BAD MOVIES THAT WASTE HOT NUDITY: I came across a video clip of Rosario Dawson's nude scene in "Alexander" last night. (Homina-homina-fwap-fwap-fwap!!!!) I never made it to that point when I endured some of the movie on cable because, frankly, it sucks donkeys. Suddenly, I realized that I'd just seen another movie that was totally lame despite having the smoking hot Salma Hayek cavorting in the altogether, "Ask The Dust". And who was the male lead of that one? Colin Ferrell!!!!

Resolved: Movies with him and hot female nudity should be trimmed down to just the skin scenes and posted online, since the surrounding movies overwhelm the hotness with general suckiness.

THE FRIDAY FIVER: Actually done on the Friday it came out!

1. Do you work hard or do you take the easy way out?

I work hard on taking the easy way out.

2. How's your day going?

It's early, but it's shaping up to suck nonetheless.

3. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Probably over a dozen, but I usually wear a couple pairs of work shoes and sneakers. A lot of my shoes have broken laces and I can't track down replacements for them.

4. Do you consider yourself cool?

Hmmmm, if I answer yes, I'm an egomaniac; answer no, I'm emo. Actually, I don't obsess about this sort of thing. Let's just say that if you think I'm cool, then I'm cool, but if you don't think I'm cool, then it must be due to your jealousy over how cool I am.

5. What's the last song you listened to?

See the next item.

WE ARE THE INTERNET: The Internet - aka "teh Intarwebs" - has made instant celebrities of some freaky folks who have now banded together to make a music video in support of Net Neutrality that plopped into my MySpace bulletin inbox this morning. Even if you think these folks are whackos, the fact that they (and by extention almost anyone) can do something like this is a testament to the democratizing force that the Net and cheap technology has become. Anyone can be a star; anyone can be a reporter; it's no longer "give the people what they want" but "find the people who want what you've got"! The Old Media companies and the gatekeepers who worked within them despise this change and are doing whatever they can to roll the clock back to the time when they were the gods who determined who won and lost in defiance of the public's tastes.

I'm proud to say that I had no idea who the woman was, but ashamed that I knew the guys.

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