Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Hollywood 84: Will the Left Punish Them For Their Apostasy?

Look at this ad placed by Nicole Kidman in the L.A. Times (click for full size):

While the Dixie Chicks have succeeded in driving away a hefty chunk of their American fans with their idiotic anti-American comments, will the moonbats who patronize the fantasy films of Michael Moore and Al Gore going to toss these people overboard for daring to name Hezbollah as the bad guys - something that Team Dubya no longer has the cajones to do?

Crazy times we're living in.


chooktah said...

as reported by According to Nexis, not a single American news organization other than Fox News Channel has covered it.

They were either gonna get-ignored or get -blacklisted - looks like they got the former. Typical. No surprise.

Anonymous said...

post that on the velvetrope. see how ignored it'll be there

chooktah said...

Actually it was posted at the VR. It got the typical reception by the usual suspects clamoring all themselves attempting to minimalize the careers of the participants in retaliation for their gawl.. seems like there were only 8 or 9 responses in the thread when Julie intervened.. and she chose to delete it rather than lock it. - but I guess 84 prominent Hollywood actors coming out against the status quo in Hollywood isn't nearly as important of news as "Val Kilmer gaining weight!". – now remind me again who the fascists are?