Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Nutroots Net Hack Attack! (Update: Or Is Joe Just Cheap?)

A common tactic of the Left is to launch DDoS attacks against and/or hack the web sites of their ideological foes - that is, when they aren't slashing tires or faking up ballots - and today as part of their campaign and tolerance and support for diversity Hackers For Lamont have taken out Joe Lieberman's campaign web site in order to stifle the flow of info about ol' Joe.

Lieberman campaign manager Sean Smith said the campaign has contacted the Connecticut attorney general's office and asked for a criminal investigation by state and federal authorities.

"If Ned Lamont has a backbone in his body, he will call on these people to cease and desist," Smith said.

Smith said the site began having problems Monday night and crashed for good at 7 a.m.

"Voters cannot go to our Web site. They cannot access information," Smith said. "It is a deliberate attempt to disenfranchise voters."

Lamont, the millionaire owner of a cable television company, held a slight lead of 51 percent to 45 percent over Lieberman among likely Democratic voters, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Monday.
When you hear Dems lying about their concern for the "Little Guy" and their support for freedom of speech, remember the latest Democrat millionaire to buy an Senator's office and the minions who will act as digital brown shirts to silence their opponents.


UPDATE: In the comments, some Anonymous Coward (as /. would call 'em) posted that the reason for Joe's site being down was because he had his site running on a $15 account. No links to sourcing were provided and they quickly devolved into typical liberal baiting. Since life moves on and the willingness of the Treason Media to assist Hezbollah in their propaganda efforts and plots to bomb airplanes are more important, this little mouse fart in a hurricane of a story wasn't that important.

However, since this Anonymous Coward refused to provide any backing - unlike how us Truth-based people work - I did a Google and found that all stories linked back to - tada! - DailyKos and chief fascist Kos himself's post proffering an explanation as to what may've happened. Considering the fascist Dems' usual tactics of voter suppression - like slashing tires on Stupid Party GOTV vans - this seems a little pat and I haven't seen any other sourcing, take this rebuttal with a hunk of sodium chloride.

Like most of the unhinged moonbats, this Anonymous Coward, would've kept posting on this old thread, bogging down my ability to post CURRENT news - gee, do you think that was his plan? Duh. - is stuck in the past, hmmm, circa 2000 or so, and rather than waste his time deleting his fact-devoid comments (that no one would read other than him and and his sodomized gerbil), I'm tossing him a bone so that he can, you know....MOVE ON!!!!

Who's telling the truth about the server crash? A U.S. Senator or a insane fascist kook who wants to usher in the End of Civilization because he wants to live as a dhimmi on his knees before the sword of Islam? Hmmmmm??? Who to believe???


UPDATE (12/21/06) - A stuck in the past Anonymous Pussy sent a link to this story that the Lamont campaign had been "cleared" of the hacking charge. This isn't too surprising since Lamont had lost and wasting more money prosecuting this prank would've been pointless, so law enforcement decided to sweep it under the rug and forgot about it like history has forgotten Ned Lamont.

Keep in mind that the Clinton Regime was also "cleared" by the hack (forget his name) who took over from Kenneth Starr. No one but fascist Dem partisans and morons believes that that gang wasn't anything less than the most corrupt pack of treasonous gangsters to ever exploit and endanger the country, but because he was so popular with the sheeple, they decided to let him slide than imprison him for his crimes.


Anonymous said...

Lieberman was using a host (MyHostCamp) that cost him $15.00 a month for 10GB of bandwidth. Of course such a small amount of bandwidth was going to crash in the run up to an election of somewhat national importance. One would think a campaign with a 12 million dollar warchest would upgrade, but they didn't. I love how you finally decide to believe a Democrat's press release, but only because it slams another Democrat.

A little fact checking is a good thing.

I expect that you will correct your blog, post haste.

Dirk Belligerent said...

1. It wasn't a press release, it was a news story. I didn't get it wrong or fail to research Joe's web hosting account, they did. Please send complaint notes to them. It's yesterday's news. Move on.

B. If he did go so cheap on his hosting, that shows fiscal responsibility, albeit at a cost to stability. What are you more angry about - his thrift or his underestimation of his needs?

3. Given the violently psychotic nature of your fellow travellers and the DDoS assaults on conservative blogs in the past, to assume a nutroots hack attack happened isn't that broad a leap. Hell, Kos's furiously hate-filled reaction to Lamont WINNING shows that the Left is tempermentally unsuited for anything but riots and suicide bombings.

If Lieberman had won, your friends would've burned down the state, shrieking "STOLEN!!!!", but now that they've won, they still can't be happy and won't be until America has surrendered to their allied Islamofascist masters and we bow as dhimmi to the sword of Islam.

Thanks for writing.

Anonymous said...

1.) Whatever.

B.) I'm not angry, just wishing you'd be honest for once.

3.)I'm a moderate, so your colorful language about fellow travelers is way off base. Furthermore,liberal blogs like Kos are hit with DDOS attacks daily. I know this because I investigate both sides of the story, unlike you, our intrepid "reporter" and "pundit".

When you quit spinning, join us on earth sometime.

Dirk Belligerent said...

1. Whatever back at ya.

B. "Honest for once"? Either you haven't been a long-time reader who knows that whenever factual errors need to be corrected, they are; or you're using the tired liberal smear tactic of implying that every error is a deliberate lie and that non-liberals do nothing but lie. If there was an error in the story I linked, then I apologize for the inconvenience.

3. "I'm a moderate" is just code for "I'm a liberal who's aware that liberalism is an justifiably unpopular philosophy". I am not aware of any cyber-attacks on Kos and other fascist-sympathizing sites, but if they are occuring, I'm opposed to such tactics.

Unlike the fascist Left, who routinely call for the silencing of dissent, I believe that the way to eliminate the threat of fascist hate sites like Kos and Huffington Post is to allow their lies and hate to spew forth AND BE REBUTTED AND DISCREDITED. That's why I allow most negative comments to post in the comments section - they provide real-life illustrations of the unhinged hatred of the Left.

I haven't even read the details about the arrests of terrorist suspects from Dearbornistan and Londonistan, but even you should agree that the news of mass terror murder plots easily trumps quibbling about a stupid web site's hosting problems.

No further discussion of this subject will occur. Thank you for your participation.

Anonymous said...


"no further discussion will occur"

Dirk Belligerent said...

Not wasting time on dead subjects is not "fascism". Get a dictionary and learn what words REALLY mean, not what you want them to mean.

End of line.