Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tuesday Morning Coffee

Though there's plenty of heavy news items like Lanny Davis' disingenuous discovery of hate on the Left (he says it's as bad as Coulter and Limbaugh except that they simply don't spew the hate they're always accused of by the Left and no examples are cited), I'm going to keep this brief because yesterday was pretty loaded and brevity is the soul of wit.

Today is primary election day in lots of places and the big race everyone is watching is Connecticut's Senate race in which liberal, pro-partial-birth abortion, pro-everything Left Sen. Joe Lieberman is expected to be purged from the Democratic party for the thought crime of supporting the Iraq War and then not renouncing his support like the other opportunistic asstacklers who have transformed from faux-hawks to appeasing defeatists in the face of adversity. The voters are down with the surrender idea and will vote their will today. It's short-sighted and stupid, but it's their right.

Now, take a look at this picture:

No, this isn't a shot from my personal party collection - if it were, there'd be more Asian chicks in it - it's a cast photo from "The L Word", Showtime's lame show about West Hollywood lesbians. I watched exactly one episode of this show before giving up because the prospect of hot fake girl-girl action wasn't enough to endure the insipid mewlings of the characters, who would've been dull if they were straight. (Want proof? I don't watch "Entourage" either.)

Anyhoo, what does "The L Word" have to do with politics? Well, the show probably annoys the social conservative folks who complain about things like this and "Brokeback Mountain" and these complaints are used by the Left to label the Right as intolerant of diversity, blah-blah-woof-woof, when it's plainly obvious that the ones who despise freedom and genuine diversity is the Left. "Diversity" to the Left means having a group of men, women, blacks, whites, gays and straights who all parrot the exact same fascist dogmas. Just as you could get a Model T in any color you wanted as long as it was black, you can be any sort of liberal you want to be as long as you rigorously toe the party line.

For this election season, anyone concerned about gay rights, women's rights (including the Left's Holy Sacrament of abortion), freedom and diversity has only one real choice...

The Stupid Party.

As counter-intuitive as it may sound the WORST thing that could happen to gays and women (and gay women like above) would be for the Dems to win because the first thing they will do (other than move to impeach Dubya) is to surrender War Against Islamofascism and bow America down in dhimmitude to the sword of Islam. After that, all sorts of fun will begin:

* Gay rights? More like death at the hands of gay death squads.

* Woman's "right to choose"? Yeah, right. After they're covered head-to-toe, denied education, forced into arranged marriages, have their genitals mutilated, are beaten and killed for "honor" if they're raped, etc., the ability to terminate their unwanted pregnancies isn't going to available either.

As supposedly intolerant as the Right is accused of being, living under the theocratic rule of bozos like Falwell and Robertson would be like San Francisco compared to the Taliban-enforced sharia law that will be ushered in under Democrat rule. Think about it.

The Stupid Party is no prize and I'll be skipping voting today because there is nothing for someone like me to support. This post isn't meant to encourage anyone to vote a particular way, but to engage the neurons in evaluating the likely results of certain political decisions. Face it, if you like to smoke, drink, watch porn, have gay sex or simply watch some fake lesbians on cable TV, a vote for the Dems is a vote to lose everything you enjoy. But, hey, you can tell yourselves that it was worth it to punish Dubya as the jihadists blades sever your jugulars. Cheers!

SAY HI HI TO PUFFY AMIYUMI, YO (REDUX): Between putting this at the end of a very long and heavy Morning Coffee post and then shoveling a half-dozen quick hits on top of it, I'm afraid that it may be overlooked and the group, song and video deserve to be seen, so I'm reposting it. You're wecome.

I've been a fan of Japanese pop duo Puffy Amiyumi for a few years now. While some may know them from their gawdawful fourth-rate "Powerpuff Girls"-style Cartoon Network show, they're a musically fascinating outfit thanks to the hidden army of writers and producers behind their diverse sound. While they are a pair of cuties, that's not why I dig them. I'll do a more comprehensive post about them some other time to elaborate - yeah, right, but for now, take a peep at their cool video for "Nice Buddy" off their new album, "Splurge!"

Oh yeah, if you noticed on the super, they're called Puffy in Japan but because of a certain whack-ass rapper, Sean "Puff Daddy/Puffy/P. Diddy/Diddy" Combs, they had to append their combined first names of Ami (long-haired one) and Yumi (short-haired) to their band name here in the Colonies.

AND FINALLY: Isn't that sweet?

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