Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fun From Air AmeriKKKa!

Sorry to be so scarce, but I am BUSYBUSYBUSY and just haven't had time to sleep, much less blog, but here's a quick hit to brighten your day.

I'm always accused by the ad hominem-spewing hypocritical fascists of "parroting GOP talking points" - a bogus contention since I'm 1.) not a Stupid Partier (though I've been to some stupid parties) and b.) not on any mailing lists for the Stupid Party, though I did get a campaign solicitation from Dennis Haestert today that got round-filed instantly.

However, one partisan mailing list I DO get is the Air AmeriKKKa mailers which try to promulgate the illusion that this outfit is anything but a group hug network for hate-filled moonbats. (It's good to see what lies are being lapped up by the Left before they're anonymously regurgitated in my comments area.) Anyhoo, today had a link to some site where you can type snarky messages about something involving McDonald's and Hummers and send them to McD's management to protest something.

I didn't bother reading on because I rarely eat the synthesized foodish products served there and I thought the H2 was a stupid truck when gas cost $1.70. But, why should I let their jihad determine my entertainment options? So, with thanks to the insane maniacs at Air AmeriKKKa, I present you...

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