Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Treason Media Spin Begins on DNC Night #1

I've been gagging at the Charlie Rose show, wrapping up right now, as the all-liberal (it appears) panel of Treason Media flacks took turns tonguing each others' sphincters with hosannas about the Obamessiah on the occasion of the opening night of the Nuremberg Rally Democratic National Convention. I actually watched - and by watched, I mean "had it on across the room while I finished the last Advanced Chamber in Portal" - the Potemkin Convention and noted that the Treason Media hasn't evolved a whit since the last convention in their sycophancy for the fascist Democrats.

Ted Kennedy crawled off his death bed to wave his "Last Prince of America's Royal Family" flag and Presidential historian Michael Beschloss (don't care enough to check the spelling) trotted out the hoary tropes about how ol' Teddy - who never faced justice for drowning a woman and is hailed as the greatest Senator, like, evar! - has always lived with the fear of meeting a tragic end like his brothers. I give myself high marks for restraint and not screaming at the TV, as I want to do every time they regurgitate that pap, "HE'S THE ONLY ONE WHO WASN'T WORTH A BULLET!!!" The fact that his guilt and wickedness has turned into a karmic brain tumor only seals the deal. Dubya blew this fat f*ck to get the awful "No Child Blah-Blah-Woof-Woof" bill passed and was rewarded with a knife in the back (over the war, etc.) to go with his pearl necklace.

Michelle Obama was tranquilized and went out and ably performed a speech that was chock full of false humbleness and lies about loving America - a country that she has called "downright mean" and that she wasn't proud of until America guzzled the Kool-Aid for her husband. The shtick with their cute kids yelping "Hi, Daddy!" was as staged as an Olympic ceremony, but the media declared it spontaneous, as if we're as stupid as they need us to be, and it made it hard to realize that these little girls were baptized by a racist hate-monger and are probably read the Little Red Book every night. As "South Pacific" says, "You have to be taught..." These little girls deserve better than a life of bitter victimology.

Getting back to Charlie Rose's gang, he had Matthew Dowd advising John McCain that the only way he could possibly beat the most awesomest tag-team of Naive Radical Marxist Infanticide Enthusiast & Plagiarizing Media Whore was to make a "maverick" pick of someone like Joe "wrong about everything but the war; otherwise liberal-fascist to the core" Lieberman instead of someone he doesn't like, like Mitt Romney.

Memo to McCain: When the Treason Media - those jackals who you cultivated like a small-town boy courting the nice girl next door only to have them dump you like a chump when it was time for them to go back to support their fellow travelers - is advising you to do anything because "it's the only way you can win", DO THE OPPOSITE, YOU F*CKING MORON!!!! They don't like you compared to their Anointed One. They're smearing the fact your wife is rich while your opponent gets a pass for his crib bought with a felon's money and his association with admitted domestic terrorists! HELLO, McFLY?!?!?

Added Thought: I was tired and forgot to mention this part of the TM spin last night, but they're really pouring it on with the "people are too racist to realize their discomfort with Obama is because they're racist" meme. You follow that? If you dislike McCain, it's because of his policies; if you dislike the Glorious Obamessiah, it's because you'd rather be wearing a sheet, not that you're smart enough to be aware of your racism. Project much, guys?

It's gotta be racism; it couldn't possibly be, as Hugh Hewitt says,

Why, in a year that had been shaping up as a watershed for Democrats, amid an economic downturn and an unpopular Republican presidency, is the race so tight?

Why, indeed. The answers: Jeremiah Wright. Tony Rezko. Michael Pfleger. Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.

"Above my pay grade." "Bitter and clinging to God and their guns." "Citizen of the world." Tire gauges. "First time I have been proud of my country." "Vastly superior infrastructure." The Born Alive Infant Protection Act.

And now Slow Joe Biden.

That's just part of the list. The Dems are nominating the most radical major party candidate in history, whose thin record is relentlessly hard left, and whose rhetoric of change and hope cannot cover the fact that he has never worked across the aisle, has never sought to reform the deeply corrupt Chicago or Illinois political machines, and that he is hopelessly out of his depth on foreign policy and national security issues.
According to the Treason Media, none of these myriad reasons are what makes people leery of the false Obamessiah, it's their RACISM!!!

Memo to the Treason Media: Go f*ck yourselves! We aren't you. You're the ones consumed with racist feelings. Don't try to put your issues on the rest of the sane people.

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