Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Night Three of the DNC

Live-blogging and updating as needed...

• I got up from a brief nap - this crap is tiring - and caught the tail-end of the funereal Harry Reid as he yapped something about oil being "an 18th Century solution to a 21st Century problem." Yeah, and cooking over a fire is a Stone Age solution to being hungry at a barbecue, you dope! What of it? Little-known fact: Reid is a Mormon. Bet you didn't know that because the Treason Media doesn't freak out over "weird religions" if the practitioners politics are "correct".

• Now some Iraq vet who is now a Representative justifiably pounded Dubya for letting our veterans suffer in squalor at Walter Reed. Our soldiers deserved far better after Dubya sent them to fight under insane ROEs that made them sitting ducks. However, when he started saying that the pacifist, "can't we talk about this?", Obama would be a strong military leader, my eyes rolled back in my head. While his service to his country is to be thanked, the moment this guy became a Democrat, he turned in his citizenship for political power. Democrats aren't Americans anymore. They put party and power first, last and always.

• Madeline Albright, a shameful failure as Secretary of State who coddled terrorist nations at the behest of her master, Bill Clinton, came out and vomited the usual lies about Team Dubya and lies about what the Obamessiah will do positively for a country he hates so much he can't even hobnob with his Hollyweird pals in.

Ramesh Ponnuru notes on The Corner: "Just to review her own record in the '90s: She opposed the first Gulf War, then complained about the first President Bush's failure to take out Saddam Hussein, and then presided over the weakening of every aspect of our Iraq policy."

• Evan Bayh, who Obama passed over for the Veep slot, is yelling about how we've become more dependent on foreign oil under Team Dubya. Um, Evan, bub, Nancy Pelosi refused to let Congress vote on drilling for oil here in America and 25 minutes ago, Harry Reid said that drilling for oil wasn't the solution. Now if we can't get our own resources here, where the hell are we supposed to get them from? Overseas, like you say is bad?!?!?

He also trotted out the smear that Dubya wasn't a uniter, but a divider. Dubya was a total punk bitch for the Dems over and over, sucking Ted Kennedy's reeking sausage for No Child Left Behind and was rewarded by having the Swimmer accuse him of "concocting the Iraq War in Texas" and outspending even LBJ. He bent over and grabbed his ankles for the Dems over and over and destroyed the Stupid Party in the name of bipartisanship and they still say he was a divider!

BULLF*CKINGSHIT!!!! When Gore lost, the Dems went insane with Bush Derangement Syndrome and have diligently sought to destroy him 24/7 with no thought of the consequences to the country. The Democrats have torn the country apart because they are spoiled juvenile babies who feel that if they can't rule us, then no one else will get a moment's peace until they are given their toy of unlimited fascist power.

• Sen. Jack Reid (Fascist-RI) is now rewriting the history of the Iraq War and promising the appeasement monkeys in the crowd that Obama will surrender and bring our soldiers home in defeat and wasted effort within 16 months. Remember that soldier a few minutes back? If he hadn't gotten out and signed on with these Brownshirts, he may have been over there, waiting to be sacrificed for Obama's pacifist vision of a humbled and weak America. That whirring sound you may be hearing is George Orwell spinning in his grave and the DoubleSpeak/DoubleThink on display here.

• While PBS takes a break to tongue Walter "I lost 49 states to Reagan" Mondale's bunghole, the music playing in the hall is "Chain of Fools". How appropriate.

• The have a guy out now introducing the Big He and he just unleashed a string of monumental lies about Clinton's "accomplishments" including rewriting history to give him credit for the balanced budget that Newt Gingrich's Congress jammed down his throat and - get this - building UP the military. OMFG!!! Clinton dismantled our armed forces because his ilk despises the military. He never evolved past his draft dodger days when he wrote that he "loathed the military". Shameless and Soviet is what the Democratic Party is these days. JFK would be blasted as a neocon warmonger by these people. In today's weird world, JFK would be to the RIGHT of Dubya.

• Jeez, while Bill was able to fake mouthing "I love you" to Hillary, she can't even return the favor. She's sitting there with a stone-faced expression that looks as if Bill had a pair of strippers next to him on the stage.

• I don't feel like expending the effort in calling out each one of Bubba's lies, but suffice to say that they don't call him Slick Willie for nothing. He talks a great game and is blessed by a sycophantic Treason Media who will never contradict his distortions and failures. I wonder how John Edwards feels now, watching a brazen philander hailed as a rock star while he rots persona non grata from his own party?

• In a weird juxtaposition, they have sent out John Francois Kerry out after the Big Dog to remind us why Americans rejected him harder than Paris Hilton dissing a peasant. He's screaming about how the evil Dubya misled the nation into going to war in Iraq. Um, does he remember that he and Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton all voted for the war? Either they got snookered by a guy whom they call a retarded chimp or they're fair-weather opportunistic jackholes. Kerry is screaming about how Obama will keep us safe and used Obama's wimpy response - run to the UN and beg for a stern scolding - to Russia's rape of Georgia as a prime example of his wisdom a as CinC. I guess we'd better get the white flags ready for everyone who wants to take us on. Who would've thought that France would become more militaristic than us?

• John McCain has always been a buddy-buddy with Hillary, Biden, Kerry, and Obama in the Senate and constantly chafed at the prospect of having to run against them - I've always said that McCain would be happiest running again a Republican - so I wonder if he feels the slightest bit betrayed as they are stabbing him repeatedly in the back with Dubya's rib? He cried like a bitch when the Treason Media turned on him; will he break out a bayonet and corner these clowns in the Senate cloak room and growl, "I heard what you said about me, motherf*cker." Probably not. He'll make Joe Lieberman his running mate in the hopes that they'll like him again. Pathetic.

• A woman who was a three-star general is now polishing Obama's phony military bona fides. She says that Obama will stop torture as if McCain is also one of those weak sisters who views getting a jihadist a little damp as the same as what the Vietnamese did to him. She also repeated that he would bring our soldiers home after a speedy surrender. What NONE of these people are saying is that he'd bring them home VICTORIOUS! Victory isn't allowed by the Democrats for their infantilized charges. That this woman server 32 years and doesn't think that it's important to win shows the sickness that liberalism is. She's like a pig who thinks being sold to a meat packing plant is a capital idea if a liberal suggests it. The Dems sought to disenfranchise military votes in 2000 when Al Gore was trying to steal the election and these dupes are now singing the praises of the fascists who would disqualify their votes?!? Unbelievable!!!

• Steven Spielberg has contributed a very slick bit of propaganda exploiting our veterans in the guise of honoring them. Party over country again. Tom Hanks is narrating. Does he realize that his candidate would rather surrender than use our brave soldiers to protect this nation's freedom? Guess not.

Michael Graham on The Corner:

Sending out John Kerry to Defend the Democrat's like sending out Bill Clinton to defend his party's chastity.

John Kerry returned from Vietnam to trash — falsely — his fellow soldiers as murderers, rapists and war criminals. He used that disgraceful performance to launch his career. Then he proceeded to get virtually every major national security issue wrong.

He supported appeasement of the Soviets and opposed the Reagan policies that brought down the Berlin Wall.

He opposed the Reagan Doctrine and thought Communism should be allowed to spread, unchallenged, in Central America.

He opposed SDI, was a roadblock to increased intelligence activity in the '90s and insisted that terrorism was a law-and-order issue even after 9/11.

Now he says nobody has the right to define patriotism. Probably because it's very difficult to find a definition that includes the behavior of John Kerry in the 1970s.

• Gwen Ifill (sp?) is interviewing some military guys who are laughably arguing that Obama has the vision to properly use the military. Why? Because he was against a war that we are now winning and that he would surrender in order to get the "Told ya so!" point?!? The shallowness of Obama's resume was just reinforced by a retired woman who mentioned his years as a "community organizer" as a qualification. He ladled out grant money with his terrorist pal Bill Ayers to racists like Jeremiah Wright - what good came from that?!? These soldiers are talking about leadership and honor while shilling for a Marxist pacifist. Again, formerly honorable soldiers are selling their souls to a party that spits on them and will forget them on the first Wednesday in November. They are expendable; an irony they should appreciate, but obviously can't.

• Joe Biden's kid - the AG, not the corrupt lobbyist, I gather - is introducing his old man for Vice Fuhrer. I'm losing interest in this whole sham and it's hard to eat supper with this crapfest spewing its hate and lies. Ugh.

• If there was a drinking game where you took a shot every time Biden flashes his teeth as if he was a rapper showing off his grill, you'd be dead within 10 minutes.

• Man, how much fertilizer is going to pour out of Biden's noise hole?

• I didn't vote for Dubya in 2004 because of his myriad failings in his first term and especially because he was simply too inarticulate to competently express to the public what was happening in this dangerous world. After four years of feckless mumbling, now the country is on the verge of electing a fascist administration of smooth-talking liars because the public is worn out by the endless browbeating of the Treason Media that Team Dubya was simply incapable of refuting. I've always said "a well-told lie will always beat a badly-told truth." I hate being right. :(

• Hallelujah!!! The Obamessiah is in da heezy!!! Says nothing. Crowd and Treason Media fawn like schoolgirls.

• Charlie Rose's panel of liberals are just spooging over this evening and are yammering over and over about the historic significance of nominating an "African-American" as the Dem standard bearer. As usual, liberal racism is all over this discussion. Obama isn't an African-American unless you count that one parent was African (and abandoned him when he was two, setting up a lifetime of daddy issues) and the other was American. "African-American" is a bogus term that's used instead of the perfectly accurate "black" and breaks down the moment you try to use it to describe people like Usain Bolt (Jamaican) or Thandie Newton (Austrailian).

Liberals are obsessed with color because they are racist in their dark hearts and seek absolution for their bigotry by patronizing minorities and desperately supporting an empty suit like Obama. They believe that if they can get Obama atop the throne, it will wash away their racism and allow them to sleep peacefully. This is why they've set out to make all opposition to this fascist terrorist sympathizer illegitimate because it's based on prejudice. Nothing must prevent their absolution from the Obamessiah. NOTHING! Woe to anyone who speaks heresy against their racial Savior.


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