Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sermon on the Mile-High Stadium Time!

Live-blogging and updating as needed...

• I see on the Corner, I've missed plenty of demagoguery and America-bashing from Al Gore and others. Somehow, I feel better already.

• They are having a parade of Joe and Jane Six-Packs telling tales of woe and misery and proclaiming their allegiance to the Obamessiah because they feel he will give them all the goodies they want. I guess they didn't read the NY Times report that the GDP grew 3.3% in the past quarter meaning the total length of this mythical recession that the Treason Media and Dems are shrieking about remains at ZERO QUARTERS!!!

Yes, gas is expensive, but it's f*cking perverse that the Dems, who have presided over the DOUBLING of gas prices since they took over Congress and refuse to allow this country to tap its own resources, are able to blithely blame it all on Dubya. If you had your own pack of fellow travelers in the Treason Media giving you credit for anything good and shifting blame for everything bad regardless of whether you deserved kudos or a slap, wouldn't you?

They last guy talking was named Barney Smith and he was tapped for one reason, so he could give this clever (if manure-laden) line, "We need a President that cares more for Barney Smith than Smith-Barney!" Hardy-har-har. The PBS news crew just fawned and applauded as much as you'd expect the unbiased news media to. (*cough*)

• They interviewed some rep from the West Virginia delegation and all he could do was regurgitate the refrigerator magnet slogans that I've grown bored silly with over the past two years - "We can't afford more of the same." "We need change." "Barack Obama is much better than 'Cats', I'd see he again and again." I think I'll fall over if I were to hear something resembling a non-programmed reply from these people. It's a cult. "Gabba gabba, one of us." Pinheads.

• The President-Elect for the NAACP is being interviewed and he's whiter than I am! WTF?!?

• Dick "Turban" Durbin - who has never apologized for his slander of American soldiers (that mealy-mouthed, "sorry if you misunderstood" thing doesn't count) - is introing the Leni Riefenstahl film intro for the Obamessiah. To hear him tell it, Barry is as poor as the schlubs they've been trotting out for exploitation purposes. Why don't those poor schlubs just get their felon pals to give them a million-dollar house? Oh, that's right...Barry is able to funnel taxpayer dollars to his cronies; Barney Smith can't.

• In the film and during the convention, Barack and Michelle O. and everyone kept talking about His funny name. I haven't heard McCain or anyone mention His name, yet He has been whining about how "they're gonna try and scare you...say he's got a funny name...did I mention he was black?" Another toxic race lie that easily trips off of liberals' forked tongues.

• The Obamessiah has arrived to give us his blessings!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! Good thing it didn't rain, but he can control such things, can't he? The text of what he'll be saying is up now.

• I wonder if Steve Jobs is jealous of this interloper and his cult of chanting sheeple? OTOH, will people line up for days before Election Day like they would an iPhone?

• He said, More of you have lost your homes and even more are watching your home values plummet. More of you have cars you can't afford to drive, credit card bills you can't afford to pay, and tuition that's beyond your reach.

People spent like idiots, lived on credit cards, bought more than they could afford in a housing bubble economy and when the reality check came due, they're supposed to rush into the arms of fascism and beg for succor rather than grow a pair, be a man, take the hit, and not be a moron in the future? Barry know the weak American sheeple well.

• So far, I don't see anything loaded into his TelePrompter mentioning his stormtroopers are already mobilized to arrest and bully dissenters into silence. Oh, that's right... BTW, have you ever heard him when he doesn't have his prompter? He says um more than Stutterin' Joe Biden as a boy.

• Be just promised to end "in ten years, we will finally end our dependence on oil from the Middle East." How? The same way he did the fish and loaves thing? He is promising things he can't possibly deliver: free everything at no cost to anyone but the Evil Rich People who will supposedly finance it all from their Scrooge McDuck money rooms. Ever hear the story of the Emperor's New Clothes? I feel like the little boy at the end. On crazy pills.

• After a long string of lies and Messianic promises that no sane person would make, he tossed out this howler, "These are the policies I will pursue. And in the weeks ahead, I look forward to debating them with John McCain."

McCain offered to debate Obama all summer in a town hall format and He refused. Why? Because without a Teleprompter, he is revealed to be a stumbling, bumbling naif. Rush Limbaugh had EIGHT MINUTES of Barry going "ummmmm.....ummmmmmm....ahhhhh....ummmmmmm", without repeats, culled from only a 40 minute pressed. 20% of the event was him trying to find words within himself. Dubya is plastered for his inarticulateness; the Obamessiah is protected by his pals in the Treason Media who don't call him out for his dependence on the Magic Word Screen.

• He has spoken. His will be done.

• Barf.

• Someone on the PBS crew - sounded like Mark Shields - was picked up muttering "Smile. Smile!" at the smug, glowering visage of the arrogant Messiah. Why is a supposed journalist trying to will a candidate to lighten up?


UPDATE: The Nightline gang were giddy schoolgirls...and they were all supposedly male. Charlie Rose's gang were more of the same. Read the last three nights coverage, bump it up with some more infatuation, and there ya go.

Power Line didn't think much of it either and here are a couple of their points:

Fireworks! The perfect end to an evening of BS slinging of historic proportions. Barack Obama is a demagogue who will stoop to any lie or distortion; the question is how many people he can fool. On that, the jury is out. The answer will emerge between now and November.

It will take some time to dissect all of the foolishness we heard tonight, but here are a few observations:

Obama is utterly unreliable every time he recites a statistic. Examples could be multiplied endlessly; to take just one, he said tonight that "the average American family saw its income go down $2,000 under George Bush." That is untrue. Here are the real median household income figures from the Census Bureau;

Inflation-adjusted median income during the Bush administration is up, not "down $2,000" since 2001, and it increased again last year.

Of course, Obama has no intention of appealing to the well-informed. Like other Democrats, he feeds on ignorance. Whether a majority of voters are ignorant enough to swallow Obama's whoppers is, as yet, unknown.

One last thought: was there a single sentence in Obama's speech that could not have come from Jimmy Carter?
Nope. Obama is Carter 2.0 - more of the same, but far, far worse.

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