Saturday, August 23, 2008

Naive Radical Marxist Infanticide Enthusiast/Plagiarizing Media Whore ‘08!!!

The Obamessiah has anointed Delaware Senator Joe Biden as his #1 Apostle, thus stiffing Hillary! supporters, in favor of a white dude who will supposedly shore up his pathetic naivety on foreign policy. Team McCain was ready:

Fox News is running a clip from an interview from Aug. 10, 2007 that he wouldn't accept the Veep slot and some guy is listing all the plagiarism Biden has commited and pointed out how his mouth gets him in trouble.

Now watch McCain blow it by picking someone so offensive to his base, who are justifiably leery of his conservative bona fides, that he makes it impossible for them to even hold their noses and vote to prevent a fascist takeover of the White House.

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