Tuesday, August 05, 2008

CFE: Barack Obama's Infanticide Problem

The Background: A Digg item referring to a HuffPoo story about some McCain adviser who has something in his past that they disapprove of. What that is is irrelevant because what they're worried about is...

he's begun launching the "infanticide" smear against Obama in niche media outlets.
The comments are typical Digg crap from the raging liberal fascists who have turned a good idea for a site (i.e. social news aggregation) into a cesspool of liberal conspiracy wackos and frothing rage and hate. Not that it'll last long before being buried by the mob, I posted:
To all you blind Obamessiah followers, one simple question: If actively blocking legislation that would require babies who survive abortion attempts to receive medical care doesn't qualify as infanticide, what the hell does?!?

The Born Alive Act was supported by die-hard militant abortion advocates including NARAL (whose sole reason for existence is to promote as many abortions as possible), Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein. As much as they support abortion, even they knew that this was too much to sell to the public.

Barack Obama is more extreme than NARAL. Obama doesn't want any baby who isn't wanted to survive. He figures, "Hey, the woman doesn't want the child, so what's the difference? If the stupid doctor didn't mess up in the first place, it would've died, so what's the big deal if we let it lie there and suffer on a tray until it expires?"

Sorry, you apostles of the Obamessiah, but he IS for infanticide. That you are hysterically shrieking ad hominems about some McCain supporter reveals how desperate you are to deflect these inconvenient truths away from your Lord and Master.
As Obama slips further in the polls because people are realizing he is less than an empty suit and the panicked media's attempts to bully people into voting for him in exchange for not being called racists, look for the rhetoric to amp up to even higher decibel levels. The tantrums that are coming are going to be fierce.

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