Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Morning Coffee

DIRK® MINI-REVIEWS IT FOR YOU: LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD - Better than expected sequel that will be more enjoyable if you haven't seen the trailers or online previews which give away every single major action beat and wisecrack. Willis wears John McLain like a broken-in leather jacket and the Mac kid wasn't as annoying as he is in the Apple ads. The story is convoluted, the villain poorly motivated, and the "yeah, right" moments a little too yeah-righty, but stuff blows up real good, Maggie Q is hot, and it's a good popcorn flick. Score: 7/10 - See it at the dollar show.

DIRK® MINI-REVIEWS IT FOR YOU: AB-NORMAL BEAUTY - Another disappointing mess from Oxide Pang whose "The Eye" (currently being Americanized and remade with Jessica Alba in the lead) was a decent J-horror flick. In this one, a cute Hong Hong art student becomes obsessed with photographing death, much to the disgust of her (implied) lesbian girlfriend and the nerdy film student who stalks and obsesses about her. Weird for weird's sake, it takes a crazy left turn into "Saw" country and the final revelation is craptacular. It has a mood and a look and the girls are cute - though the fact that the actresses are sisters (they don't look alike and I was surprised to learn this) kills any hoped-for hot girl-girl action - but the story goes nowhere and makes little sense. Score: 3/10 - Catch it if it's on cable.

DUBYA BENDS OVER FOR HIS ENEMIES AGAIN - Instead of picking Ted Olson to replace the lame-o Alberto "VO5" Gonzales as Attorney General, Dubya can't find the stones to say "bring it on" to the fascist Dems who have already started Borking Olson, so he's picked some retired judge named Michael Mukasey is is suspect simple because Chuckie Schumer hasn't smeared him yet. Dubya is a coward and a punk. Can't wait for him to be gone.

HAVE THE DEMS ALREADY LOST IN 2008? - Last week's disgusting smear ad by Can'tMoveOn.Argh against Gen. Patreaus that was NOT repudiated by the surrender and appeasement Dems wishing to be Commander-in-Chief sharply illustrates the lousy choice Americans have in next year's Presidential election. On the Stupid Party side are a bunch of warm beer "moderates" who are willing to pay lip service to fighting Islamofascism and on the Dem side are a pack of appeasers and traitors.

That the Dems can't even bring themselves to say, "Dubya has fought the war the wrong way; we'll fight it the right way." even if that would be insincere says everything we need to know about their disqualifications to hold power. "The war is lost." sends a message of weakness, aid and comfort to our enemies but the Dems don't care as long as it means political damage to Dubya. These Democrats aren't Americans. They are traitors. Since no one is going to round them up for their treasons, the best we can hope for is that the People wake the fook up and not continue voting for them. (Yeah, that's gonna happen.)

THE JUICE AIN'T LOOSE (YET) - So the double-murdering O.J. Simpson is in jail for robbery in Vegas. Yeah, it's like busting Capone for tax evasion, but it's a start.

APPLE BATTERY UPDATE - The battery crapped out after about 20 hours, but after recharging it and using it for 2.5-3 hours over the weekend, the battery gauge on the main screen shows it as being full, though the clock/battery gauge screen shows some drain. Stay tuned.

RETHINKING JESSICA ALBA'S THESPIAN SKILLS? - While trying to track down some weird behavior by my new DVD deck, I popped in the first disc of "Dark Angel" - the series that made her a star - and she didn't seem as lame, though I'm not about to retract my criticisms yet. I'd blocked out all the lame supporting characters at the Jam Pony office, too. The show always wavered in its makeup and got strangled by Fox (who else) before it could stabilize, though they did give it two complete seasons. (Co-creator James Cameron ignored it until it was too late.) It had more of a chance than "Firefly" had.

DIRK'S DISHES DU JOUR - Since they were the best part of "Ab-Normal Beauty", I give you Rosanne and Race Wong.

Cute! Read a little more about them at "Know your PreFab Cantopop Bands."


Anonymous said...

So you can't wait for Dubya to go but hate all the Republican candidates and your Libertarian candidate will never have a shot. So who do you support? Anyone?

Dirk Belligerent said...

I'll probably hold my nose and vote for whoever the Stupid Party puts up because just about anyone they have (read: not Ron "It's our fault!" Paul) would be preferable to the fantasy-based candidates the Dems have to choose from. As usual, it will be an anti-Dem vote more than a pro-Stupid Party vote.

As for the picks available, I guess Romney makes me least queasy, but that's hardly a high endorsement. (Don't look for any bumper stickers on my car.) In a land of 300 million people, to repeatedly have to choose which is the lesser of two evils is appalling.