Monday, September 10, 2007

Steve Jobs Ganks Apple Chumps!

Oh, I'm loving this one because I've constantly been pointing out that Apple users are some of the stupidest life forms on the planet. (Only dog owners are dumber.) Last Wednesday, Apple cult leader/God-Emperor Steve Jobs rolled out the new line of iPods, many of which are quite snazzy. The widescreen touchscreen player everyone wanted came out as the iPod Touch which is basically an iPhone without the crappy phone part. Unfortunately, it's a flash-based unit that costs too much compared to the hard drive-based iPods, so it's a no go for me. I would've picked up one of the black 160GB Ipod Classics yesterday if stupid Beast Buy had it in stock.

But, what was the bestest news of the day was that Apple was slashing the price of the iPhone $200 a mere 69 days after legions of self-important schmucks waited hours in line to obtain one of these hyped devices. Prices always drop on tech: My first iPod, a 10GB 2G unit was $320; my second, a 40GB 4G monochrome was $380; now I'm going to get one that's four times the capacity as well as capable of doing video on its spiffy color screen for roughly the same price. However, these are price drops/feature increases spread over five years, not a one-third price cut two months on. The best headling was this ZD Net blog's: Apple rewards iPhone beta testers with $200 early buyer penalty.

While Lord Jobs quickly tried a backpedal by offering refunds of the difference for those who'd bought in the prior two weeks and a $100 credit for future Apple store purchases, it still doesn't change the fact that the arrogant bastard kicked his most faithful sheep straight in the nuts. But, for all their squawking, how many Apple sheep are going to stop worshipping the man and company who sheared them? [crickets]

My first thought after laughing my ass off at these victims of their own snobbery was ,"I can't wait to hear what Dvorak says about this on TWiT." The podcast is up here and the lead story was exactly this and Dvorak opined that this was Jobs just trying to prove what suckers the fanboys are. He went on to say that Apple must be panicking over the dropoff in sales after the herd gulped down their purchases in the first few days, leaving few sane people interested in a phone that will cost over $2000 over the term of the contract. It helps that the iPhone has been unlocked allowing usage with any network, not just AT&T, but still, yikes. Host Leo Laporte poo-pooed the outrage, but he's a blind Apple fanboy, so apply the requisite amount of sodium chloride to his comments. The show is streamable from the link, so take a listen to the first 15 minutes. (It's a great show, too. I subscribe to it and so should you.)

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