Monday, September 10, 2007

Don't Call It A Comeback!

The voluptuous horror that is Britney Spears torpedoed her putative comeback at the MTV Video Music Awards last night. (Who knew they showed videos on that channel?) As much as we love our schadenfreude at celebrities, this is still pretty sad to witness.

Who knew that that Christina Aguilera would turn out to be the respectable Mouskabimbo and K.Fed would be the responsible parent? Go figure.

UPDATE: This article ponders whether it's mean to pick on her not looking as hot as she did when she was 20 and unspoiled by delivering Irish twins. I don't think she look that bad, though a more figure-flattering corset may've been advisable. If she had come out and performed with some alacrity, then no one would be picking on her pooch; it's because she sandbagged the performance that caused the knives to come out.

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