Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What Happens When You Hassle A Liberal?

You get beat down, tasered and arrested like this...

The round-up is at Malkin's Haus o' Style, but it appears that this tool was being rude to John Francois Kerry (D-France) and unlike conservative speakers like Ann Coulter, instead of allowing the speakers to be harassed (or have pies thrown at them), the authorities rushed in to manhandle the twit, Mayor Daley-style.

This is in keeping with traditional fascistic liberal policies regarding dissenting speech as we saw when the psychopathic Al Franken violently attacked someone who dared exercise their First Amendment rights in a manner which Laughin' Al disapproved of in 2004; earning the protester the privilege of being body-slammed by the former cokehead SNL writer-cum-Senatorial wannabe. Meanwhile, physical attacks upon conservatives will continue unabated.


UPDATE: Kerry, who droned on oblivious to the distress of a citizen belatedly released a statement condemning the tasing - actually, I think he was zapped with a stun gun, not a proper Taser, which is a gun the fires darts trailing wires that deliver the shock - prompting one wag to observe that "he was for tasing before he was against it." Every conservative talk show I heard played clips, but the best context for this dolt may be found in this classic Monty Python bit.

Indeed! (I need to dig my copy out and give it a watch.)

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