Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wednesday Night Snack (Geek-Heavy Edition)

This was supposed to run last Thursday - and also be a Morning Coffee, but I've been too swamped and since the beginnings of the long-a'coming World War 4 will still be happening in the next few days, let's clear up the old business before it grows fur, mmmkay?

UBUNTU! UNGAWA!!! Whenever I read the techie news sites like ZDNet or Slashdot, the comments are overrun with drooling Apple cultists fwapping madly about their sacred white pieces of overpriced plastic and insane Linux jihadists who are always up for a suicide bombing of Redmond. The latest chant from the latter doofs has been, "You can just dump Windows now that the new Ubuntu distro is out!"

In a word, this is bullsh*t. I downloaded the core load which can be burned to a CD and used to boot your computer, allowing you to try it without needing to install it first. During the bootup, it appeared to be giving errors for several minutes before it finally kicked in. The bundled Firefox worked fine, though text looked different thanks to the different system fonts, but trying to open a document in OpenOffice was a no go because it couldn't see my PC's hard drives or flash keys. I build my own PCs and possess an above-average level of geek skillz and I was stumped. If I had trouble, WTF are civilians like my girlfriend - who is FINALLY getting off of AOL after too many years of wasting time on dial-up - supposed to do?

Linux is still not a non-geek friendly OS. It'd be nice if it was, but it ain't. Yet.

CERTIFIED GEEK WEAR: On second glance, the gamer/geek-themed shirts at Jinx aren't all that great, but there are a few goodies like this one that made me smile.

SONY - THE DUMB & ONLY: On top of the insanely high price tag ($600) they're going to command for the PS3, despite the loss of the GTA4 as a system exclusive and the loss of rumble in their controllers, news of an old patent has lead to fears that Sony is trying to kill the used and rental game market by locking games to a specific console, rendering it useless on a friend's or second-hand buyer's system. While Sony would surely like to foist this scheme on their customers, it's too suicidal for a system that's going to test gamer's goodwill with its price tag. But the story has traction precisely because Sony's been extremely arrogant in their comments and no one puts it past them to do something this stupid. Stay tuned.

DIRK'S DISH DU JOUR: Mrs. Marilyn Manson, Dita Von Teese, has acknowledged that her endowments aren't all-natural when she poses au natural.

Dirk sez: SO WHAT?!?!?

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