Monday, July 03, 2006

Monday Morning Coffee

Work is quiet due to most people having had the foresight to take the day off, so I'll be catching up on my other obligations and trying to avoid being distracted by the numerous bad things which continue to happen regardless of whether we're paying attention or not.

SUPERDUDE'S BACK: I caught this yesterday and while my g/f, Hermione, liked it more than she expected - she was referring to this as "Stupidman" and only went grudgingly - I was let down overall. I think "X-Men 2" is the best comic book movie ever, so I had high hopes for Brian Singer to do the same with this Superman reboot, but it was too slow in pace and light on compelling story. If the discovery of Christopher Reeve to play Superman in 1978 seemed miraculous, the fact that this Brandon Routh kid both looks and sounds like Reeve AND Superman is doubly so. He needs to play a serial killer next or something, lest he be typecast right out of the box, as Reeve was.

Kevin Spacey was his usual good and Kate Bosworth was OK, if too young, but the problems with the story (not much of it) made for slow-going and a mid-pack ranking for comic movies. I give it an 6/10, wait for the dollar show recommendation.

UNDERWORLD EVOLUTION: Rented this last night and it wasn't as good as the original. Kate Beckinsale is hawt in her leather and rubber vamp wear, but the doof who looks like the singer of Creed sucks and I didn't particularly care if he lived or not. Some decent action and FX, but overall it was a bit of a yawn. 5/10.

TREASON MEDIA UPDATE: Guess I should mention that Malkin is reporting that the TM is backpedalling a bit on their latest treasons, but as this snotty cheap shot shows, the Treason Media is still extremely arrogant and have annointed themselves as the Last Word on what gets to remain secret. Until approved-of fascist Democrats are elected, it's clear that the secrets (and treasons) will keep flowing. Dispicable.

SO THAT'S WHERE THAT CAME FROM: I've just added super-cool online radio station Flashback Alternatives to the links at right and this morning I heard this song that sounded like "Where's Your Head At?" by Basement Jaxx slowed down. Checking the WMP display, it turns out they nicked the loop from Gary Numan's "M.E." If you're a Gen X-er who remembers that Generation X was Billy Idol's pre-"Rebel Yell" band, then you must check it out. Now Playing: Roxy Music, "The Bogus Man". (Better than hearing "Love Is The Drug" for the thousandth time, innit?)

DIRK'S DISHES DU JOUR: Though I'm not so hot for Kate Bosworth, since she is the new Lois Lane, I figured she was worth a look along with her "Blue Crush" co-stars. Below her is Kate Beckinsale in her Death Dealer drag. Hubba hubba.

Remember, if Democrats regain power, they'll surrender the War on Terror, try a doomed and suicidal appeasement strategy with the Jihadists, and when we're forced to our knees as dhimmi before the sword of Islam, such pictures will be no longer allowed. If you think Stupid Party people are blue-nosed killjoys, wait until you see what the libertine Dems set loose upon the Earth.

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