Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tuesday Morning Coffee ("Can You See The Signs?" Edition)

Stupid Blogger wouldn't stay up long enough to delete this duplicate post, so I'll just edit it into today's missive.

I HATED HER, YET I MISS HER NOW - Hate is too strong a word - but it makes for a catchier headline - but the bimbo who I referenced yesterday apparently didn't appreciate her scolding about her stupid bulletin spam and I see my friend count has dropped by one and MyBulletin Space is free of her junk. It's like the quiet after the neighbor's screaming child has finally shut up. Weird, but I'm sure I'll cope fine after 15-20 minutes.

MY SUPER-EX GIRL WEARS PRADA - This is one of the double-bills at the drive-in I pass on my way to work. I wonder if they matched them this way just to get the marquee fun factor up.

SNOOTCHIE BOOTCHIES! - I'm ashamed to say that I haven't seen "Clerks II" yet, but I actually say this in big letters on the back of a pick-up yesterday on the way in. Nootch!

HOT CUBAN SANDWICH - They're making sandwiches out of Gloria Estefan?!? =O

PISTOL OPERA - I watched this Japanese freak-out last night and while it was certainly different, it was too long and totally incomprehensible and this seems to be its strongest suits with the elite film snob crowd. Read about it at these links to see how being really different can be more important than being really good to some people. On the IMDB boards, someone slagged it and one of the fans replied, gaining my reply to him:

I'm guessing you're one of those people that think that a movie has to have a coherent plot and political, spiritual, and philosophical messages to be good.

And I'm guessing that you're a film snob who believes that the less coherent and more alienating a movie is, the better it is because it allows you to feel superior to the proles who "don't get it". Get over yourself.

I watched this last night and found it too long and nearly incomprehensible, though I enjoyed the way it was framed and lit like still fashion photography and not your typical movie. While it had energy at the beginning, the constant bewilderment rapidly tired me and my g/f out and it was at least a half-hour too long considering the paucity of actual story.

While it was interesting to look at, there's little to latch onto for those not looking to snob out and sneer at the fools who like coherence in their entertainment.
Movie snobs don't really like movies - in fact, I suspect they really loathe them - but they chosen it at the format through which they can act out their superiority over others and express their contempt. "You haven't seen [insert Obscure Foreign Cult Title here] ?!? Better stick to pirate movies!"

LAST FRIDAY'S FIVER - Yeesh. I was so busy, I forgot this one.

1. What don't you understand?

Why people are so filled with self-hatred that they'll sacrifice everyone and themselves rather than stand up for their own survivial.

2. Name someone in your life with blue eyes:

Princess. (A friend of mine. I think they're blue.)

3. When is a lie not really a lie?

When it's told by a fascist liberal. (According to them, that is.)

4. When is the last time you got really dirty?

Watching this frightening Elvis impersonator who really should've been wearing briefs under his jumpsuit.

5. Are you a lefty or a righty?

Right-handed, right-minded.

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