Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday Morning Coffee (Screw Blogger Edition!)

I had a half-written post and went away to do some work and when I came back, my f'ing PC had a black screen and wouldn't respond. I come here and find the autosave didn't work, so all the work went POOF! Dammit!!!! Well, if I get a chance, I'll post up the fluff, but here's the one serious item I had.

NEWT FOR PREZ? - I heard Newt on Bill Bennett's "Morning In America" show and was reminded again why I refused to vote for Dubya in 2004: Dubya's crippling inarticulateness (is that a word?) in times when important things must be said clearly. If Dubya could assemble a coherent sentence, his poll ratings would be far higher because people may understand what he's doing instead of depending on the Treason Media's twisted lies about what he's doing. When you can't speak well for yourself, your enemies will speak poorly about you and you'll have no response.

I think this is why so many conservatives are creaming their Dockers in anticipation of Newt running in '08 and forgetting that he doesn't stand a chance of winning. The media will crucify him again, the Stupid Party already revolted against him after he brought them to power and promptly became wasteful liberals in his absence and his tacky personal history will make for easy sport with the Dems. Now, if he was a Dem, all his failings would be forgiven, but Stupid Party members are held to a standard that the Dems get to breeze right by.

Not-so-fearless-prediction: The next President will be a good talker. After eight years of Dubya's Tank McNamaraesque fumble tongue, America will be in the mood for anyone who sounds like a game show host or car salesman. Clinton was a liar, but he was a smooooooooth liar. Gore and Kerry, OTOH, were lousy, condescending, clumsy liars and the people rejected them for the guy they felt wasn't fibbing in every other word. Does the Stupid Party have anyone who can put together an honest, clear sentence or will people go for the soothing lies of the Left?

TOM IS NOT MY FRIEND! - I just whacked Tom off my MySpace friends list. Ahhh, freedom. I had a huge post about this bimbo on my list and the Smackdown I dealt her, but it got eaten and it's not so important that I need to dig it up. You're not missing much.

TWO ONE-SENTENCE DVD REVIEWS. - "Ask The Dust": Not even extended Salma Hayek nudity makes this snoozer worth watching. "Awesome; I F***in' Shot That!": A great Beastie Boys concert gets obscured by a failed experiment in fan-shot filmmaking.

Hey, I got some of the fluff in after all. Sorry, but no time to dig up a photo for a Dirk's Dish Du Jour, but it would've been Salma Hayek. Later, all.

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