Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Treason Media Tells Us "When Do We Publish a Secret?"

Depsite receiving no sanction or real pressure from Team Dubya and the Stupid Party other than some mild grumbling, Dean Baquet, editor, The Los Angeles Times, and Bill Keller, executive editor, The New York Times have printed their self-righteous justifications for stabbing our war efforts in the back. Evoking the spirit of Watergate and Vietnam - their finest hours - they claim they're doing it to keep the government from running amok, though I don't recall any stories running when Clinton was wiping out the Constitutional militias after OKC. I guess they only watchdog Presidents of one party, hmmm?

Even the banking articles, which the president and vice president have condemned, did not dwell on the operational or technical aspects of the program, but on its sweep, the questions about its legal basis and the issues of oversight.
The article said that it was legal and Congress was briefed. So why the red herring about concerns? Duh. They're lying and are counting on readers being gullible and having "Memento"-length memories.
We understand that honorable people may disagree with any of these choices — to publish or not to publish. But making those decisions is the responsibility that falls to editors, a corollary to the great gift of our independence. It is not a responsibility we take lightly. And it is not one we can surrender to the government.
Nice that they're watching out for us. Gawd forbid we get protected from Islamofascist terror by means that the anti-American elitists of the Treason Media disapprove of. Bastards.

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