Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tuesday Morning Coffee

Mixed bag of stuff to go with the java this morning...

THE CULT OF LEIA'S METAL BIKINI is a Wired story about the reason why Gen Xers get all sad when they see what's become of Carrie Fisher's figure. (Anyone remember the MAD magazine "Star Wars" spoof which had "Body by Fisher" in one of the panels?) There's a web site dedicated to the garment and Wired icludes a sampling of shots for those, like me, whose work filters block the site. The first one's always free (click it for big action):

GITMO TERRORISTS TO GET GENEVA SPA TREATMENT: It's hard to believe that we're seriously trying to win the war against Islamofascism when we're so pussified that we're unilaterally granting cushy treatment to the people who behead civilians, blow up school children and basically seek to end Western civilization and drag us all back to the 10th Century. Sure, it allows the bleeding hearts to smugly feel all mushy inside, but the only mush that matters is the blobs between their ears if they think that the jihadis are going to be nice in return for our weakness and appeasement. Morons.

THE WAR AGAINST THE WAR: An extremely depressing (and long) article article about how the Supreme Court's suicidal decision to be more like Belgium is going to likely lead to more 9/11s as we cover our eyes and plug our ears to the enemies among us. If Dubya was a Democrat, none of the treasons we've witnessed would be happening because the Treason Media wouldn't be on jihad to destroy him, leaking intel and otherwise undermining the war effort. The hypocrisy of the Left is stunning: After 9/11 they bashed Dubya for not connecting the dots; now they're bashing him for not only trying to connect the dots, but for looking for the dots to connect in the first place! We can't win when half the country is insanely fixated on one guy as the enemy instead of the thugs with daggers slitting throats.

KILL THE DEATH TAX! Deroy Murdock tells of some Dems who want to end this immoral theft of private wealth. Yes, Paris Hilton is a stupid, spoiled whore, but the accumulated assets of a person belong to the heirs, NOT a government who uses envy to convince people that robbing those who've achieved is a fair state of affairs. People who want to extract vicarious vengence upon the wealthy never seem to consider that THEY aren't getting richer, the GOVERNMENT is via this theft. Envy is the ugliest emotion, innit? (A related NRO editorial is here.)

CORVETTE SUMMER: At an impass as to what to watch last night - we literally have hundreds of unwatched DVDs - Hermione suggested the 1978 Mark Hamill-Annie Potts epic "Corvette Summer" which was the first movie I probably saw because someone from "Star Wars" was in it. I don't think I've seen this since it came out, but was surprised at how many details I remembered, though I somehow forgot the suprising nudity for a PG-rated movie. I'm sure my mother was mortified that her 11-year-old boy was watching a schlocky movie about a girl whose dream is to become a hooker getting nekkid. As for the movie - it's Seventies crap. I'll probably watch this movie again in 2034.

THE BIG DIG KILLS! Whenever you hear a politician lying to you about all the good things government does better than the private sector and blah-blah-woof-woof, simpy ask them, "You mean like the Big Dig?" This $14.6 billion fiasco in Boston is the poster child for government failure and contractor corruption - or do I have that backwards. Shoddily-built at great expense, it killed a woman yesterday when a huge chunk of the concrete ceiling fell down and flattened her car. Your tax dollars at work, eh?

CATS AVOID MURDER CHARGES: When I saw the headline, "Body Found in Home with 110 Cats", I thought that the long a'coming move by cats to enslave humanity was under way, but it appears the dead woman's daughters may be involved. I'm still watching you, kitties!!! I am soooooooooo on to you!!!

DIRK'S DISH DU JOUR: Wrapping up with the Leia again, here's Melissa Joan Hart showing how to stuff a wild space bikini:

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