Wednesday, July 26, 2006

McNewspaper Leaves Out An Inconvenient Truth.

According to Clayton Cramer's blog, when USA Today reported the story of some knife-wielding madman who wounded eight people - That's it! We need knife control and waiting periods! - who was stopped by an armed citizen, the not only left out the gun, they fabricated new details and then lied about it. They've changed the story back to something resembling reality, but once again, it took the watchdogs of the Blogosphere to hold the lying Treason Media to account.


Anonymous said...

what, no comments on Melgate? Where have you been?

Dirk Belligerent said...

Been busy as heck. I've got about a dozen various news stories and links noted about all sorts of stuff that's growing fur from neglect. I'll try to catch up tomorrow somehow.

As for Mel's stupid outburst: I find it fascinating that with Hezbollah lobbing 2000 ball-bearing packed rockets into Israel; a Muslim barging into a Jewish center in Seattle and shooting six unarmed Jewish women, killing one and wounding a pregnant woman; and the leader of Iran basically calling for the annihilation of Israel, the most dangerous and despised anti-Semite in the world is a drunk actor who shot his mouth off. Some disproportionate response there, no?