Thursday, October 27, 2005

Telling Lies Is NOT "Speaking Truth To Power".

An ever-growing peeve of mine lately is the resurrection of the phrase, "Speaking truth to power," which ONLY comes from the lips of the Left as they congratulate themselves for sticking it to Team Dubya et al. The fact that a lot of these "truths" are seditious lies to undermine America isn't advertised as much.

Ignoring George Clooney's new liberal-porn film, "Good Night, and Stalin's Not Such A Bad Guy Once You Get To Know Him", I saw that there's something in Vanity Fair this month about how the media's Al Jazeera-worthy coverage of Hurricane Katrina was an epocal moment in news reporting because....well, you know, that something to someone thing.

Now, I haven't read the whole piece yet and if anything needs to be ammended here, I will, but the general tenor of the piece that I gather is that it doesn't matter that there weren't actually 10,000 dead in New Orleans; it didn't matter that there weren't stacked corpses in the Convention Center freezer; it didn't matter that unconfirmed speculation and outright fantasies were given the weight of fact by a credulous media driven to embarrass and destroy Dubya at all costs, even the Truth.

Noooooooooo!!! This was "Speaking Truth To Power". Please. I wonder if Dan Rather is considered to be a "Truth to Power" speaker? It'd be funny if he was because most people know he was just a bad liar who finally got caught.

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