Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sexist RNC Takes Stupid Party to New Depths

Bench Memos on National Review Online has a pathetic letter that the Stupid Party High Command is circulating to try and get women to show gender solidarity and back Dubya's lousy pick of Harriet Meirs. Here's the wrapup:

Just a few very quick questions and observations:

1) Did the RNC ever ask put out a call to "the strongest bunch of female legal scholars, law school deans, bar association chairs, and elected officials you can tap" to support John Roberts?

Yes, that's rhetorical.

2) I love the defensive paragraph. This is not a quota seat! Really! (Wink. Wink.)

3) I take it that the RNC believes women do not care about judicial activism.

4) Is this supposed to warm the Feminist Majority to her? Who exactly is the audience for this silly letter? Unless the RNC thinks that women need women to tell them something — then the chicks will buy it! — despite the lack of substantive evidence actually making the case they're supposed to be making.

5) The word "sexist" comes to mind.

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