Friday, October 14, 2005

Power Cut In Baghdad; CNN Blames Dubya.

Cliff May observes on The Corner:

Iraqi insurgents have cut power and water to Baghdad.

The response of CNN correspondent Aneesh Raman?

I believe he just told Wolf Blitzer: ”These are needs that Iraqis want addressed.”

In other words, let’s not blame those who sabotaged the lines. Let’s blame the Americans. I mean, if Bush cared he would not have let this happen.

Next up is Ali Velshi. He says: “Under the Baath party these kinds of things didn’t happen.”

Yeah, let’s let the suicide bombers and decapitators take over. Let’s go back to the days when mass graves were filled with children and women were raped by Saddam’s cronies. At least the microwaves could be relied on and isn’t that what really counts?

Actually, Randi Rhodes says it is.

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