Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Self-Inflicted Bleeding Stops (For The Moment.)

Lousy SCOTUS pick and latest example of Team Dubya's tone-deafness, Harriet Miers, withdrew her nomination today after a long month of causing fits in the conservative community as those who want a good pick clashed with those who believe that propping up Dubya is more important than a sound judicial candidate for the out-of-control court.

Hugh Hewitt's been the loudest voice in favor of Miers and, frankly, he's been an absolute crybaby about all this and weakened his conservative cred in my eyes with his nasty attacks against folks like George Will, Charles Krauthammer and the NRO gang. Hugh's diaper-filling reaction is here and I hope he gets the fook over it because he was backing the wrong horse for the wrong reason.

If Dems tried to foist a hack like Miers on the court - ignoring the fact that Dems never fail to defend their owm - folks like Hewitt would be hell-bent on their defeat, but since it's weak-old-Dubya who's suffering from many self-inflicted wounds and many more unfair smears by the media, it's rally around the leader time. Pass, Hugh.

Paging Janice Rogers Brown....

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