Sunday, September 04, 2005

William H. Rehnquist R.I.P.

Details here.

This throws the whole Supreme Court picture sideways as the Dems jihad to smear Sandy's replacement, John Roberts, was scheduled to start on Tuesday. The Left has been filling their diapers over losing O'Connor and been going crazy trying to find dirt on Roberts - including digging into his children's sealed adoption records (Have they no sense of decency?) - because they desperately need the Court to enact their fascist agenda by fiat, since they can't pass anything thru the democratic method. (Ironic, no?)

They've been carping about Dubya not nominating a wishy-washy center-left activist, as if the vacant seat is reserved for only alike judges. Where this causes problems is with Rehnquist passing, a solid conservative seat is open meaning they've got to decide whether they want to use all their ammo on destroying Roberts or save something for Rehnquist's replacement.

Decisions, decisions.

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