Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Post-Katrina Democrats

Hugh Hewitt sums it up nicely:

Slowly, ever so slowly, MSM is figuring out what "both Republican and Democratic strategists said yesterday [that] the opposition party is in danger of overplaying its hand. The harsh rhetoric, the strategists said, could create a backlash among the public and engender sympathy for a president who has been on the defensive much of the past week."

The prospect of these Democrats in power is quite troubling, with their corps, Cindy Sheehan camp followers, bile-bloated bloggers and dyspeptic leaders like Nancy Pelosi and now Hillary spinning like a top.

It is becoming impossible to imagine the Democrats actually governing, so relentlessly furious are they in every endeavor.

Patrick Leahy wheezing and then shouting demands on Tuesday as to why the supplies weren't delivered to the Superdome was followed by Wednesday's confirmation that the Red Cross was blocked from doing so by the Louisiana state government, and the country has to ask itself --do we really want this blusterer in charge of Judiciary?

When Senator Reid sends a letter to Homeland Security Committee Chair Susan Collins that includes the questions ""How much time did the president spend dealing with this emerging crisis while he was on vacation?" and "Why didn't President Bush immediately return to Washington from his vacation?", you know that the Dems have decided that no matter the facts of the situation, they will try and use their allies in the MSM to turn this into an assault on Bush.

Which again leads to the question: Who could want these people in charge of anything -whether the House, the Senate or the Presidency? The greatest natural disaster in the nation's history, with hundreds of thousands of Americans uprooted and their lives literaly blown apart, and the Dems are looking for a political foothold --even though it has become obvious that their central complaint of "slow response" is the direct result of their party's chief executive's incompetence!

The political aftermath of Katrina is indeed significance. It has revealed the sound of the Democrats digging deeper and deeper into the hole they have been five years in the making.

Bush Derangement Syndrome is an ugly thing, innit? That's what happens when you live in a fantasy land built from lies and hate.

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