Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Multi-Millionaire Celebs Support Kanye West's Racial Lies.

And all this time we thought Ben Affleck was the dumb one.

Jay-Z, Sean 'Diddy' Combs and Matt Damon are among a host of stars who have applauded Kanye West for his public attack on Us President George W. Bush on Friday. During an appearance on A Concert For Hurricane Relief - a live telethon broadcast across America - West broke away from his script to voice his disgust at the media's portrayal of the Gulf Region's African-Americans and to slam the slow delivery of aid. But the biggest stir of all came when West boldly declared, "George Bush doesn't care about black people."

West's Def Jam colleague Jay-Z says, "I'm backing Kanye 100 per cent. This is America. You should be able to say what you want to say. We have freedom of speech. (The slow response to the disaster) is really numbing. You can't believe it's happening in America. You wonder, what's going on? Why were people so slow to react? I don't understand it."

Combs notes, "I think he spoke from his heart. He spoke what a lot of people feel... It ain't adding up, man. It's not making sense. If the reporters can get there and you all can get there with microphones, somebody should be able to get there with food."

Damon adds, "This guy with his moment on live television made a statement that hopefully now Bush will come out and address, because he doesn't have to address anything else... The White House Press Corp, they should all have their credentials taken away. Not one of them's an honest journalist. Not one of them asked a question of the guy."

Meanwhile, actress Susan Sarandon has a slightly different take on West's comments: "I don't think that's an original thought, but it's probably true."

OK, so we've got a record company CEO, a multi-media mogul with music and clothing empires, an Oscar-winning short guy and an aging Oscar-winning Communist sexpot mistaking the "freedom of speech" with a "license to lie". It's also pretty rich when self-made megamillionaire black men play the race and victim cards. My old boss was a black man who asked me, [i]"Where are the white Russell Simmons and P. Diddys - guys with huge success in multiple businesses?"[/i] I had no answer. Oprah? Tiger? You guys got any answers?

Even the Jedi-hating dumbass calls this crap out in "An Obscene Charge":

PERHAPS the gravest weakness of contemporary liberalism is its tendency toward preening vanity — the regrettable undercurrent that suggests the views liberals espouse demonstrate just how much better, kinder, more thoughtful, more large-hearted and more caring they are than those who might think differently about policy.

On no subject is this preening vanity more evident than when it comes to race, and the preening has been especially pronounced in the past week.

It is now generally accepted in liberal-left circles that the federal government's response to the New Orleans horror was not rapid enough because the majority of the victims were poor — and especially because they were black.

This is just about as incendiary and horrible a thing to say as can be imagined under these circumstances, and given the circumstances one might have thought a little bit of evidence would be required to offer some support for it. There has been none offered...

But his opponents on the liberal left are not satisfied with criticizing his management or his rhetoric. Instead, they are implicitly accusing him of race manslaughter. First he was deemed negligent, owing to his conservative federalism, and then he was judged an assassin, owing to his conservative law-and-order instincts.

Indeed, the very confused rapper Kanye West, after accusing the president of failing to care about black people because he thought the early response was too slow, then turned around and said the administration's efforts to save the suffering remnant of New Orleans from the predatory gangs that had taken over was an effort to kill black people.

West's remarks have been praised in many quarters on the liberal left. The fact that so many people feel totally free to say such things without embarrassment or shame — to state as fact that the deaths of untold thousands were the result not just of confusion, incompetence or the overwhelming power of nature but because of racist attitudes on the part of uncaring white people — is simply astounding in this day and age.

The motive force behind such disgusting ideas is the paternalistic idea that black people in America exist in a state of fixed victimization from which they can and will only emerge when white people "care" enough about them to raise them up and make them whole.

People used to joke about "white liberal guilt" when it came to race. But there's no guilt here. White liberals feel righteous because they believe they are faultless here — that they and only they care about suffering. They are instead assigning blame to other white people, white people who disagree with their ideology of victimization.

And so they use the basest slander at a time of tragedy to make themselves feel just peachy about their enlightened, loving and deeply moral beliefs. Well, isn't that special.

That's why I hammer on the fact that liberalism is a racist/sexist/fascist ideology. When a black person with more money than 99.44% of white will ever see in their bank accounts lies about how oppressed minorities are, it really makes you wonder what the hell went haywire in their heads?

Somewhere, Martin and Malcolm are crying...

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