Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Air ScameriKKKa Update: Al Franken's Lying Lies (and the Smoking Guns That Prove Them!)

Michelle Malkin has the goods (again) including copies of Al's signature on financial papers he claims to know nothing about:

According to a November 2004 settlement agreement between former Air American head honchos Evan Cohen and Rex Sorensen and Air America's current owners and investors at Piquant LLC, Al Franken was smack dab in the middle of negotiations over the debts owed by the liberal radio network--including the Gloria Wise loan. The agreement was signed to clear the decks in advance of the questionable asset transfer from Air America's old owners, Progress Media and Radio Free America, to Piquant. (This is the transfer being challenged by Multicultural Radio Broadcasting Inc. as a "fraudulent conveyance," which we first reported exclusively in the first installment in our investigative blog series, "A Trail of Debts.")

Far from being an innocent party with no knowledge of Air America's money woes, Franken was a signatory to the agreement. The document, published here for the first time, exposes how Franken misled his listeners and the press about his knowledge of the charity loan.

Anyone think the MSM will stop trying to convince people that Dubya was shooting black people from the open doorway of a low-circling Air Force One when surveying the New Orleans flood damage and start looking into their own?

Didn't think so.

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