Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Thin Veneer of Civilization Falls and It's Not a Pretty Sight.

I've always thought that there is only a thin veneer of civilization hiding the true nature of people and the true state of affairs and watching a city collapse into anarchy befitting a Third World nation shows what's been lurking under the veneer.

While pampered liberal pundits have been using this tragedy for cheap partisan purposes because that's all they ever think about - how to gain power - what remains unanswered is what the f*ck is the holdup on getting aid to the people dying in NO?!?! When people are crying and begging for aid - food, water, medicine, ANSWERS - and wondering why we've got aid for Iraq but none for them, that's powerful stuff and something Team Dubya is going to have to answer for.

Dubya didn't create the hurricane and isn't to blame for New Orleans' corrupt Democratic machine that totally failed to have a disaster plan and to react to things, but the mishandling of the aftermath WILL be on his head and anyone who thinks that the justifiable manure storm that is sure to come is unfair is kidding themselves.

I've always been annoyed that the Lying Left chose to attack Dubya on phony things, not the actual sins he's committed. They make up crazy fantasies about conspiracies and ignore his profligate spending with his supposedly "conservative" Stupid Party cronies. THAT'S what's wrong with Dubya, not the insanity of Cindy Sheehan and Randi Rhodes.

They're going to vote $10 billion in relief tomorrow, but where's the money gonna come from? How about they repeal those pork-bloated energy and transporation bills and transfer the money to this? C'mon....we're all Americans here - can't you sacrifice that Bridge to Nowhere for the Cause? Please?


What's most revolting is that people will take away the wrong lessons from this mess. They'll think, "We'll just toss out the Reublicans and vote for Democrats. Problem solved." Nevermind that the CITY and STATE governements in Louisiana are deeply Dem and extremely corrupt - even by usual Dem crook standards. Nope, they'll toss out the Elephant bums and toss in the Donkey bums. That'll fix things.

Since the veneer is off, shouldn't we take a good long look at the ugliness that's always been underneath? Looting of stores, not for food or water, but for blue jeans and Nikes. (Randi Rhodes encouraged looters to hit the more upscale places - get the good stuff. Fucking whore cow! She needs to get ass cancer and die!) Yeah, right. You gonna drink those Levis and drink those sneakers, Bub? Liberal apologists say that the downtrodden are naturally rising up against social inequity?!? WTF?!?!? Society is breaking down, so go get some of The Man's shit?!?!?

When disaster struck, instead of helping one another, the mob degenerated into Darwinian madness, No discipline, no desire beyond base selfishness, no motivation but to make an already horrible situation worse. The veneer is off and it's time to look at the ugliness because a lot of other people will be looking and deciding how much help "those people" merit when they reacted so badly. Some will excuse it as "desperation", but isn't it a sign of priorities? Not to survive. Not to overcome. Nope. It was time to be as ugly as they wanted to be.

I'm watching Dateline's coverage of this debacle and the refugees within our national borders and it's like watching a "Road Warrior" movie. No gas, no shelter, little hope. And it's in the same time zone as I am.

I topped off my tank this evening at Costco. I waited about 20 minutes to get to a pump - they had half the parking lot taped off so the lines could go across the lots. Gas was $2.999 - let's say it was three bucks even - and it cost about $25 to top off. I used to FILL IT UP for $33 and when I crunched the numbers for this UAV, I figured the math at $1.80/gal. This was in JUNE. Getting a econogolfcart wasn't an option, but it's nice to see that the great deal I got is going into the tank.

As part of the odd isolation in which we live in a time of war and disaster, the guy behind me in line in the store plopped down two shrimp rings and some honey-glazed ham sacks. Civilization remains in tha D, but it makes you wonder what would happen if the Dearborn-based al Queda cells dirty-bombed Detroit? How civilized would we remain?

The veneer of civilization is off. Take a good long look.

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