Saturday, September 03, 2005

What Ever Happened To Sir Mix-A-Lot?

After he blew up with that big butt song, he had another great CD called "Chief Boot Knocka", but the one after that, "Return of the Bumpasaurus", was so whack - abandoning his witty rhymes and beats for G-Funk retreads - I sold it and that was it for him.

The last I heard, he was doing something called Symposium with the guys from Presidents of the United States of America (?!?!?) and the demos played on NPR were sweet, but they never got a deal and POTUSA are back doing new music.

Reason I axe is that "One Time's Got No Case" just rolled by on the iTunes Party Shuffle and whenever I hear his old stuff, I wonder where he went. I knew he was doing some acting and Chris Rock had a brilliant line about him, but what's new?

Any info, post it in comments. Thanks.

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