Thursday, September 01, 2005

Katrina and Disgusting Exploitation

James Glassman lays the smack down on the Big Liars seeking political gain from tragedy.

Tragedies happen, and my daughter and her family are happy just to be alive. Their losses and those of hundreds of thousands of other innocents deserve mourning, prayer and respect.

That is why the response of environmental extremists fills me with what only can be called disgust. They have decided to exploit the death and devastation to win support for the failed Kyoto Protocol, which requires massive cutbacks in energy use to reduce, by a few tenths of a degree, surface warming projected 100 years from now.

Katrina has nothing to do with global warming. Nothing. It has everything to do with the immense forces of nature that have been unleashed many, many times before and the inability of humans, even the most brilliant engineers, to tame these forces.

[snipped stuff about how hurricane strength is DECLINING despite the Big Liars lies - read it all]

Not only has the intensity of hurricanes fallen, but, as George H. Taylor, the state climatologist of Oregon has pointed out, so has the frequency of hailstorms in the U.S. (see Changnon and Changnon) and cyclones throughout the world (Gulev, et al.).

But environmental extremists do not want to be bothered with the facts. Nor do they wish to mourn the destruction and death wreaked on a glorious city. To their everlasting shame, they would rather distort and exploit.

Of course the Left lies: They have nothing of merit that people (non-fascists, that is) would willingly support. With nothing to offer but fear, it's natural that they'll exploit fear to catapault themselves into power over the chumps on hand when the rains started.


Anonymous said...

See what I'm saying about you being a total nutjob and arguing from a place that's got nothing to do with common sense?

So your post tells me that James Glassman says that Hurricane Katrina had nothing to do with global warming. OK. Fair enough.

So who is James Glassman? What sort of background does he have that would lend support to his bold statement? Let's take a look at his biography:

James K. Glassman is a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, a Washington public policy think tank, where he specializes in issues involving economics, technology and financial markets. He is also host of, a public affairs website that concentrates on matters of technology and public policy. He is also chairman of Investors Action, a new advocacy organization for America's small investors.

Mr. Glassman writes a syndicated op-ed column on economic and political topics for the Scripps Howard News Service, which is distributed weekly to 300 newspapers, and a monthly financial column for Kiplinger's Personal Finance.

He is the author of The Secret Code of the Superior Investor (Crown), published in January 2002. He is a popular speaker on economic, political and investing topics. He served as a presidential appointee to the President's Council on the 21st Century Workforce and as a member of the Advisory Group on Public Diplomacy in the Arab and Muslim World.

He is a member of the Intel Corporation Policy Advisory Board; the Advisory Board of Proxy Governance, an organization that advises corporations on their proxy votes; the Board of Trustees of the National Chamber Foundation (U.S. Chamber of Commerce); and the Communications Advisory Board of Investor Education, set up by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

From 1987 to 1993, Mr. Glassman was editor and part-owner of Roll Call, the twice-weekly newspaper that covers Congress. Prior to that, he had a long career in magazine publishing -- as president of the Atlantic Monthly, executive vice president of U.S. News & World Report and publisher of the New Republic.

For 10 years, he was an op-ed and financial columnist for the Washington Post. He has also written regularly for the Wall Street Journal, Atlantic Monthly and Reader's Digest, among others.

He has had extensive television experience - as host of two weekly series, Capital Gang Sunday on CNN and TechnoPolitics on PBS. He has been a guest on ABC's Nightline, CNN's Crossfire, PBS's Charlie Rose Show, CNN's Larry King Show, and others.

He was formerly executive editor of the Washingtonian magazine, editor and publisher of the Provincetown (Mass.) Advocate and of Figaro, a newspaper he founded in New Orleans shortly after graduating from college.

Mr. Glassman has given frequent congressional testimony, recently on subjects as varied as telecommunications policy, Securities and Exchange Commission regulations, Social Security reform, and personal investing.

His first book Dow 36,000 (Times Books), a bestseller co-authored with the economist Kevin Hassett, was praised by Newsweek's Allan Sloan for its "wonderfully clear explanations of financial theory [and] excellent advice on general investing approaches."

He is the recipient of, among other honors, the Norman B. Ture Award of the Tax Foundation for contribution toward sound tax policy and the Warren Brookes Award of the American Legislative Exchange Council for distinguished journalism.

He is a graduate of Harvard University, where he was managing editor of the university daily, The Crimson. He has two daughters and lives in New York and Falls Village, Connecticut.

Notice anything missing in that wildly impressive bio? Like, perhaps, ANY sort of scientific background?

That's right. The stunning proclamation that "Katrina had nothing to do with global warming. NOTHING." was made by...

...wait for it...

A resident fellow for a right wing think tank.

A brilliant analyitical mind also responsible for the runaway smash bestselling book "Dow 36,000: The New Strategy for Profiting From the Coming Rise in the Stock Market". First published in November of 2000. JUST AS THE MARKET WAS CRASHING.

Feel like a chump? Of course not, because you're too fucking stupid to understand just how clueless and gullible you really are.

Anonymous said...

Wait, wait, I know, you're going to screech about how Glassman isn't saying this, it's George H. Taylor!

So who's George H. Taylor?

Well, as his bio states, he's a climatologist.

Who is also a policy advisor of the "Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change" (

This is the same outfit that claimed in 2001 that the polar icecaps were not melting, but actually getting bigger. (>


"August 28, 2005:

Study: Ice melt threatens Arctic
Rising rate of thaw may affect coastal areas and permafrost, scientific panel says.

Associated Press

WASHINGTON -- The rate of ice melting in the Arctic is increasing, and a panel of researchers says it sees no natural process that is likely to change that trend."

Oh, did I mention that the website that both Glassman and Taylor work for, Tech Central Station is funded by ExxonMobil?

"Taylor himself has supplemented his government salary with oil money. On Nov. 22, 2004, the ExxonMobil-funded website Tech Central Station ("Where Free Markets Meet Technology") published the 2,300-word article by Taylor..."

Dirk Belligerent said... hominems....standard liberal bunkum....getting....sleepy....

No source that doesn't agree with the liberal-fascist dogma is acceptable to people like you, so you point out that they're right-wing and that's the end of the conversation. No rebuttal, just ad hominem. All you guys got: NOTHING!

Who is an acceptable source? Hmmmm? Randi Rhodes? Al Franken? RFK Jr.? Michael Moore? If they said global warming wasn't a factor, would you believe it?