Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sidney Blumenthal's Hurricane of Lies Debunked!

Non-wifebeater Sid was one of the first out of the box to blame everything about Katrina on Dubya. Of course it was all lies, but we're going to have to seek the Truth ourselves, not count on the MSM to fisk these rotten liars.

The hurricane of hatred that the left has unleashed at President Bush in the wake of Katrina has taken many voices, but the most telling might be Sidney Blumenthal's. His latest effort demonstrates that even though Bush could have done little to mitigate the damage of the worst natural disaster in American history, this hurricane gives the left an opportunity to vent all their accumulated greivances over Bush's environmental policies.

[snipped the total thrashing ol' Sid got - go read it, it's so choice]

While the left is stooping low to exploit this tragedy, Blumenthal is positively hugging the ground. What the hell do condom shortages in Uganda have to do with homeless people in New Orleans? If you belong to the cult of Bush hatred, you already know the answer.

Listened to the Mad Cow, Randi Rhodes, tonight about she was braying about how Dubya wants to "kill us all." Madness and all you need to know about the inhumanity of liberal-fascists.

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