Friday, May 13, 2005

Why Those LiveStrong Bracelets Suck.

You see them everywhere - those yellow rubber wrist bands (I use mine as a cock ring) being sold to buy Lance Armstrong a second ball, thus giving girlfriend Sheryl Crow's bunghole a rest and allowing both cheeks to feel the pendulum action. They suck and so do the people who wear them for everyone to see.

Why? Because it reduces charitable giving into an opportunity to act smug and superior and demand praise because you're showing that you care. If you're giving to a cause you feel is worthy, why is it important to make a public display of your giving? Why can't you just send Lance some ball money and take satisfaction from the knowledge that you you did a good thing? Why do you need everyone else to know?

Because you're not giving for Lance's benefit - you're giving for YOURS. Gotta get that warm smooch of approval from the rabble, don't you?

Sheep. Take that stupid bracelet off if giving was the most important thing to you.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps a good reason for wearing the bracelets, which I'll grant are now pretty played out, is to encourage similar behavior in other people.