Friday, May 13, 2005

...and Voinovich rhymes with "Little Bitch"!

Ohio media whore, er, Senator George Voinovich (SP) - a leech who has been a professional politician for 38 years - bashed Dubya's pick for UN Ambassador, John Bolton, in a pathetic play to get the media to like him. Apparently, Voinovich doesn't think Bolton is right for the gig because it'll send a message to the world that we don't respect the UN and blah-blah-woof-woof....

This is EXACTLY why someone like Bolton is needed there!!!

The UN is a club of thugs, dictators and tyrants that despise America and wish to bring us down. It's corrupt, ineffectual, self-dealing and generally useless and you can tell a lot about a weasel by how hard they wish to suck the UN nozzle. Bolton supposedly won't play that way - according to the liberal smear campaign - and that means he's PERFECT for the job!

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