Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Liberal Economic Fantasies and the Need to Pave the World.

While driving my UAV* to work this morning, I heard a couple of things on NPR and my local Hate Speech Radio affiliate that brought the utter inability of the Left to even keep their own hypocrisy straight sometimes home.

The local liberal host woman had Lou Dobbs from CNN on and they were talking about how the problem with GM and Ford isn't that the UAW has painted them into a corner over benefits, but that Evil Foreign Companies (liberal xenophobia, dontchaknow?) are building plants in low-cost, right-to-work states (as opposed to expensive, union states? Duh!) and thus have an unfair advantage.

The solution? Why force these companies to tack on surcharges and benefits to make their cars just as expensive as the domestic cars saddled with union contract bloat and grift! Tada!!! Consumers get screwed in the name of "fariness".

This is the same hypocrisy that make the same liberals who howl that gas prices were too low compared to Europe and that we should be taxed into the same $5.00/gal. level as the Socialist Utopias like Germany and France. Now that gas prices are north of $2.00/gal., what does the Left whine about? Gas is too expensive!!!

When is $2 too much when $5 was too little? Because under their scheme, the GOVERNMENT would reap the windfall of tax gouging as opposed to those Evil Oil Companies and Saudis. It's not that you're paying too much - it's that it's not their till the largese is flowing to.

On NPR, I caught the end of a piece about "green" consumers (read: hippies) being catered to by GE for being Earth-friendly. The guest was burbling on about how we need to "protect the planet."

Here's a news flash, kiddies: Planet Earth doesn't even know we're here and won't notice when we're gone.

Why can't these mossy doofs honestly say what they mean and say that they're trying to protect to PEOPLE, not the planet. If the air and water and soil get ruined, it's the HUMAN RACE that'll die, not the planet. When forests burn, it's only a problem when people live in the woods or wherever the flames are spreading too. What impact can we have on the planet that a good tsunami can't trump back?

George Carlin had a bit in the Eighties that said that the Earth evolved Man to create plastic and now that it has plastic, it doesn't need us anymore. The Earth wanted plastic. Extremely profound when you consider it and a reason why Carlin is an all-time great commentator.

* Urban Assault Vehicle

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