Wednesday, May 11, 2005

We're constantly hectored by the Grievance Pimps with the "fact" that if you're a white, male, Christian, Republican, gun-owner, heterosexual person, you are, by your very nature, little more than a thuggish oppressor of a whole bunch of designated "victim groups" and are considered guilty until proven REALLY GUILTY.

This thesis has fueled the passage of "hate speech" laws which attempt to add extra punishment to Designated Oppressors if the victims are part of a Designated Victim class. Of course, "hate" only travels one way, so if a militant Black Panther-type bigot kills himself some "White Devils" after his Nation of Islam meeting, he was clearly acting out of frustration about AmeriKKKa's legacy of slavery and not out of any racial animus. However, if a white person so happens to look at a Designated Victim askance, he's likely to lose everything and be packed off to prison to atone.

What prompts this is the recent revelation that a lesbian high school student who was the "victim" of gay-bashing vandalism turns out to have done the deeds herself in order to get attention. Nice. What was that story about crying wolf? What impact does this have when the occasional REAL crime occurs? How about the backlash that is justifiable when people get sick of being treated as thugs when they've done nothing to harm others?

Over at La Shawn Barber’s Corner he's announced which I presume will become a repository for biased, unfair and false accusations against those of the Designated Oppressor stripe.

That a black man is behind this means only one thing (according to liberals): He's a self-hating, sellout Uncle Tom!!!

Of course, to say that about him isn't a hate crime because he's not true to his oppressed brethren, don't you know?

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